Sunday, July 15, 2018

translation, please

OK, I can understand a fair amount of the cross stitch lingo, but some of it may as well be greek.  For example, FQ is fat quarter, but what is it a Q of?  I can't find what FQ, or HQ, or full quarter means either.  I bought a fat quarter and it came Friday, and it isn't big enough for a Mirabilia that is 20" by 36".  And it is lovely too.  My project would fit with very short margins, but I don't know if I would still be able to frame it with so little of a margin.

On to the translation:

"Floss" and not "thread".  It comes (usually) in skeins, either a solid color, variegated, overdyed, hand dyed and so forth.  8 or 9 yards per skein and each length of floss is made up of 6 single strands.  To use, cut the length needed (maybe 30 inches or so ) and separate the strands and use the number of strands called for in the pattern instructions to thread your needle.

TIA means thanks in advance, when one is asking for a favor, information, and so forth.

ISO means In Search Of

2 over 2 means two threads of floss stitched over 2 holes, making 32 into 16 stitches per inch.  The same follows for the other stitch parameters.

Lugana, Jobelan, Aida, linen etc. is the type of fabric, and usually, they follow the stitches per inch for that type.  For example Aida typically comes in 14 or 18 count where linen is usually in 28, or 32 count.  This latter type is for young stitchers without vision problems, and not for all of we old nearsighted stitchers.

 ORT refers to any container used to dispose of scraps of floss, makes a nice colorful nest of floss, what would it be used for?  I dunno.  "Ort" is used for any leftovers, i.e. the rich would have a servant carry leftover bread, roast meat, and so on, out to the hungry folks waiting.   You would know this if you do crossword puzzles.

No one but the very young or beginning stitcher would hand-hold a project to stitch.  Most would use a hoop (two circles of wood holding the fabric between them) or Q-Snaps (4 pieces of PVC in a square or rectangle that the fabric is stretched over and fastened) or a roll-type that allows the fabric to be advanced as it is stitched.

Lowery, Landis, and other sorts of stands that are on the floor, or held by sitting on them, so that both hands are free to stitch.  There are quite a few of these stands, depending on what the project is on, hoop, roll frame, q snap and so on.  You can usually figure out the meaning even if you don't know exactly what the stand is.

LNS is Local Needlework Shop, a brick-and-mortar store.  Some of them sell online too.

Frog means to tear out stitches that are wrong (rip-it, rip-it)

SAL is a Stitch A Long, an organizer or designer will release part of a project monthly, for instance.  You don't know what the final result will be until the end segment is released.  Lots of stitchers working on the same design.

HAED is short for  Heaven and Earth Designs, this is usually a full-coverage design (no part of the fabric is visible).  Typical images are angels, pixies, and so forth.

Mirabilia and some other brands like Lavendar and Lace are also full-coverage designs (none of the fabric itself is visible), often women wearing elaborate costumes, mermaids, angels, pixies, etc.  There are a lot of patterns for seasonal themes, Christmas and Hallowe'en being the most popular themes.  As you might guess, they take a long time to stitch.

Samplers are patterns that usually include the alphabet, numbers 1 to 10, the name of the stitcher, the date, and a whole lot more of things.  They are very popular, and many are models that are inspired by vintage samplers found in museums.

FFO means a full-finished object, framed project or pillow, afghan, etc.

FO means it is finished but needs to be made into its final form.

UFO is an unfinished object, but it designates a project that is stuffed into a drawer and not stitched upon now if ever again.

OOP is short for Out Of Print or production for a pattern, usually used when a stitcher is trying to sell a pattern.  This could be used on virtually any design/pattern because there are so many patterns available, and designers continue to produce more,.  Once released for sale, buy it if you are willing to pay full price.  There are scads of unused old patterns and kits that sell for as little as $1, up to hundreds of dollars for ones that are scarce or desirable.  There again, you can join a facebook group where everything cross stitch is for sale.

Haul is a general term for cross stitch stuff you have bought.

WIP is Work in Progress, anywhere from one to dozens, depending on the stitcher.

Stash is all of your materials, kits, fabric, floss, patterns, etc.  Usually far too much on hand.

DMC is floss of that brand, made in France, in 450+ colors.  There are other brands of floss, including hand dyed flosses, but DMC is the most popular.

Needleminders are magnets in fanciful images that fasten to a WIP to hold a resting needle.

"Kitting" means pulling from your stash all the materials (floss, fabric, needles, pattern) needed to tackle a pattern.  A kit has all that is needed ready for the project and costs more than the pattern alone.

Flosstube is the term used to designate facebook (or how-tos on youTube) videos about cross stitching, there are several hundred stitchers who regularly contribute to these, although many of the groups require that you "join" to be able to read posts.  You can find them using Google.

One of the groups on Flosstube is "Cross stitch Maynia"  which refers to the month of May during which one project is started for each of the first 15 days, or for the whole month.  You'd need to be really compulsive to participate.

Just recently you may see patterns that say "diamond painted" or refer to "drills".  This is a new hobby that has vivid subjects, found along with usual cross stitch patterns.  They are NOT (ask me how I know) cross stitch, but a method similar to paint-by-number and mosaic melded together.  The tiny bits are called drills (don't know why)  and they take a pretty long time to put in place with wax.

There are oodles more terms, I will add them to this post as I think of them.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

My Bad

Well, I broke my long-standing rule, which is, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".  I downloaded a program called MacKeeper, supposedly to clean my MacAir and speed it up.  And of course, it was a Trojan Horse spyware,.  The only thing I did right is that I didn't "buy" the program, so I didn't give away my credit card info, dumb me.  It took C about 30 minutes to get the program erased and install Malwarebytes, which is what I was running before it expired.  All seems OK now, it hasn't put in an appearance since he did all that.  I am so dumb.  I bought two years of coverage.  One time I received a phone call from a scammer, and after I was told how my computer was hacked, they could fix it, etc., I asked if they had ever heard of Malwarebytes, and "click" they were gone.   I was reading a bunch of posts on Facebook, telling how they get rid of calls from scammers, and One lady said, she answered the phone with "Sheriff's Office, Fraud Division" and they hung up and deleted her number from the call-back list.  Worth a try...

Friday, July 06, 2018

I'm a little slow getting this done...

OK, so every time I update the translation page I will re-release on that day's date, and that will keep it on top until the next post.  I think.

We had a fierce thunderstorm last night and lost power for several hours.  I was in my stitchy-spot sorting floss, which you can't do by candlelight.  I am going to keep a candle burning anytime there is a prediction of t-storms at or near nightfall.  C came and helped me find my flashlight, so I could move around in the room,  and more importantly, in the bathroom.   I once had a flashlight that blinked a little red light all the time so it could be found in the dark, but all it ever did for me was burn up the batteries.  After the replacement of dozens of batteries, I pitched it.  I use candles on the mantelpiece very frequently, so it isn't unusual to keep one burning through the night.

I had a therapy appointment yesterday, and as I have come to expect, I am so stiff today I can't move around without pain.  I guess I am progressing, I did a single step up, a huge task, holding onto the half-wall and the therapist's hand to do it.  There are 13 steps here to get to the kitchen, LR, dining room,  and the other bedrooms and bathrooms.  I hope they are getting cleaned, and that my plants haven't all croaked in the dining room.  Not much I can do, I try not to be a nag for everything I want done.  It will all be OK in the long run.
My keyboard is consistently missing the letter "n" it is a real nuisance to correct.  And the auto-correct isn't working either, so I will end here.  Take care!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I won!

Well, it isn't like the competition was tough.  I won out of 50+ entries.  I follow DenkaiDesigns on Facebook, a fellow cross-stitcher in Hull, U.K. and she had a giveaway back in April, all you had to do was a leave a comment and a brief note about birthdays to enter.  So at the end of June's video, she used a random number generator to select a winner, and it was me!  The giveaway is a piece of cross-stitch fabric, hand-dyed, and I am thrilled to win anything.  I nearly fell off my chair when I heard my name.  Now I can't say, "I never win anything" because I did!  Do you think I should buy a lottery ticket?

I had my first session with the out-patient therapy place (hereafter known as Torture Headquarters or TH) and had to take pain meds as soon as I got home.  Joking aside, they are very organized and thorough and I am clearly out of shape, even doing my exercises every day.  Tomorrow is session two.  Pain med ahead of the session rather than after.  They have all sorts of equipment and keep me moving along in a logical way for my weak areas.  God, I hope I will be able to get rid of the walker eventually.  There are so many things I want to do; for example, I wanted the charging cord for my little Nikon and it was behind the bed and I have trouble getting in there when I have two good legs, much less one.  The therapists were amazed by the noise my "good" knee makes when I stand up, but it doesn't hurt (much) and that is why I chose the other knee for surgery.  I will never get the left knee done, not after the disaster the right knee has given me.   Eventually, the charging cord surfaced and the camera has a tiny light showing it is electrified. I hope.  I have never had it completely shut down, I hope it will be OK.  It has been idle for more than a year.

I can't figure out how to make the last post (down below this one) a sticky note that is always on the top.  Then as I work on it, it will be updated and not repeated.  It can't be too hard.

bye for now...

Saturday, June 09, 2018


I have let updating this blog slide for a while, not because I didn't have things to share, but from sheer laziness.  So all six of my faithful followers will know this is not new for me.

I am going to try doing therapy for my crappy knee as an outpatient.  I have been doing my exercises that the home health staff gave me, but I am not seeing the improvement I had hoped for.  I still can't do stairs, and I am slow as molasses when I walk with my walker.  My feet are very swollen, elevation, ice, walking, none of them have helped any longer than the time it takes for me to sit down.  Gravity, it seems, is stronger than any of these.  The new diuretic has helped somewhat, but it is making my kidney function deteriorate.  Last week I fell here in the bedroom, luckily I am well padded and so is the floor.  My knee buckled, but I think I tripped first, it all happens so fast.  It has been 4 months since this knee was put in, and the knee itself seems OK, it is all the associated problems with my foot that keep me down.  Crap.

I think we are finally getting some actual spring weather, warm days and cool nights.  All the greenery is bursting forth, from all the rain we have had.  The horse has to stay in the barn when the footing outside is slippery, lest she fall and hurt herself acting like the filly she isn't anymore.  The main drawback of stalling her is that the barn has to be cleaned pretty often, and C has enough other chores to keep him stressed.  And the mare misses out on some green grass, and has to make do with hay.

I  have been going through all my jewelry these last few weeks.  Most of it is a costume, and only a little is actual gold, diamonds, gemstones, etc.  N always bought me something sparkly for my birthday, but I didn't have much occasion to wear it.  The necklaces are 20 inch, and I cannot feel the clasps to fasten them.  So I have been swapping them out on 30 inch chains that I can slip over my head.  I have been quite teary as I go through the boxes, remembering how pleased he was with seeing me wear any of it.  This past June 6th would have been our 48th anniversary.  We were still discussing what to do for our golden anniversary,  now not to be celebrated.

I have been reading Dean Koontz' novels with main character Jane Hawk, an FBI agent.  I am on the first one, and it is pretty grim, I am not sure I will finish it.  It was a free selection on my Kindle, so I don't feel bad if I skip it.  So far there is not a golden retriever in the plot, only German shepherds, I am amazed he would use anything but his goldens.

I am still plugging away on my cross stitch projects, one is an anniversary sampler, which I *may* get done by this time next year.  It is turning out very nice, but there is a lot of it to go yet.  I am working as well on "Kitty Trio" which I mentioned several posts back, but switching off with the sampler so I don't get too bored.  I am also working on a chickadee scene, I will give it to my sister-in-law once it is done and framed.  She told me, the last time we talked, that chickadees are her favorites.

It is late and I am tired, so I will stop rambling.  Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

So much for resolutions

 Well, I sold the saddle to the farrier after all.  He gave me $150, plus free shoeing ($50) today, and didn't want the girth, so I sent it back for $75 credit (he likes the old style mohair type, and not the neoprene and webbing type).  He also didn't want the saddle blanket, so good on me, it is worth another $65. He wants the silver saddle, but I am not ready to let it go.  I ordered the recommended silver polish and the treatment you brush on to preserve the shine, and I am going to take some photos of it.  If I could figure out how to remove the name plate,   I would keep that piece. I am determined to send it to the consignment place, once it is clean.  I want $500 for it, minimum.  We will see.

I am very sore  today, all the walking I did on Monday, I guess.   And as usual, I can't take pain med or I will use it up before I see the orthopedic surgeon, who won't give me enough to make it worthwhile asking.  Damn these pill poppers who get huge amounts of meds and use it all up in a few days and come back for more, all weepy and pitiful.  Cut them off and help people like me who have a post-op bona fide need that we will take care not to take too many.


I have decided to start over with my cross stitch on a piece of pre-gridded Aida.  I gridded the current one in pencil and then discovered it would not erase.  Better to start over with pre-gridded and treat it to a warm water hand wash when I am done to remove the pink lines.  I'm not that far along yet, better to do it now.  See?  It will be "45 years" etc.

And you can see the grid lines too.  I am not smiling because I am not a happy camper right now.

It is late or I am early, anyway back to bed.  Take care.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Saddle up

I have 3 saddles and one horse, 25 years old.  Two of the saddles are older than the horse, and I decided to sell them all.  I guess I'll start with the trail/pleasure saddle with the equitation seat.  So C cleaned it up (no small task in itself) and it is now in my bedroom, the better to keep it clean and cat-less.  If I can find a photo I will post it here.  I look at the saddle and it is bittersweet to think it will go.  It holds a lot of memories of trail rides with my husband and good friends who are gone now.  I can't justify keeping it, time will have its way as years go by and I don't want to see that happen.  But damn, where did the time go?

This, believe it or not, is the same saddle, "before" and "after" the clean up.

I won't include the "before" photo when I post it on eBay!

My farrier would like to buy this saddle, but I know he won't want to pay the $375 price I want for it. I'll have to figure in shipping too, somewhere between $35 and $50 looks like the going rate for shipping.  I'll just take it to the local UPS store and let them figure out boxing and so forth.  I'll include the saddle blanket, it will be good padding under the saddle, which will be shipped upside down and I don't want it scratched.

I've thought about of this a lot.  With my knee in the shape it is, my riding days are done.  Even if I had a rock-steady horse (which I don't) when I tried to dismount, my right knee would buckle and I would fall under the horse, IF I didn't get my left leg tangled as I fell.  The stuff of nightmares.

Anyway,  C'est la vie.


Saturday, May 05, 2018


I am scratching my metaphorical head when I see how many pageviews I have gotten this week.  Do I thank Google?  Is there some facet I have overloooked, like the titles of my posts that click with a google search topic?   Dunno.  If you are new to this blog, thank you for visiting.  If you have been one of my long time followers, I'm glad to see you again.

I have been using a lap stand as I cross stitch to hold the hoop of my project.  This frees up my left hand so it can hold a magnifying glass.  I think I have pretty good close vision since the cataract removal, but obviously not good enough.  And I stitch on 14 count fabric (there are 14 stitches per inch) which is baby steps.  I have some 16 count (probably OK) but also 18, 24, and 32, which is out of the question.  I bought them in a lot sale, just to have something to practice on.  The resulting image for the higher count fabric is terrifically detailed, but that won't help me see the stitches.

My physical therapist has signed off on my home health therapy and urged me to find an out-patient therapist to continue, explaining how they have equipment and techniques not do-able at home.  But getting anywhere is a  real chore, as I must use the walker, then (at the doctor or the clinic) transfer to a wheelchair.  Having to do that twice or three times a week would be a pain.  I have compromised by doing my exercises twice a day, to strengthen both legs.  I still have my weak leg buckle on me for no apparent reason, but I don't fall, which is a huge relief.  I am so sorry, as I have said before, that I had the knee replacement done.  I am nowhere near the usability of my knee before the surgery, much less an improvement in use.  I do have this lovely 12-inch scar on my knee to show for all of  my efforts, and the 6 surgeries,  as a memento.

Meanwhile I am trying to lose weight (not just the muscle mass I have lost) to ease the stress on my joints in general.  I am helped by not being able to get to the kitchen (4 months now) to snack, and having my meals brought down by my son.  I can't really tell if I am making progress since all the water retention / swelling skews the numbers on the scale.  It would be nice if some good would come out of this all.

Time to sign off, everybody hang in there and be grateful for all the ordinary things in your life.  I know I am.


Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Spinning wheel of death

I write this mostly on my MacBook Air, 10 or so years old.  Lately as I do very little, like rolling down a Facebook page, I will get that damned colored wheel that is the equivalent of the blue screen of death that windows will give you.  I can only power off and restart, but even that won't always work.  I have downloaded a free version of MacKeeper, and if it proves to help, I will consider getting the full (costly!) version.  So far it looks good, but I haven't challenged it yet with multiple windows open at the same time, etc.  I shall have to wait.

I am missing a package of 4 small tubes of E6000 glue, that is my latest quest.  How I manage to lose something in this room I really can't fathom.  I spend an inordinate amount of time searching for things; sometimes I find whatever it is, and sometimes I have to give up.  The glue is a give up case.  I have a bottle of gorilla glue (it used to be called gorilla snot, years back) and as long I am gluing
non-porous things I'm OK with just that.  Until I lose it too...

I think I will go back to bed, maybe I can lull myself to sleep while I ponder where things are.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Is there a doctor in the house?

I got a phone call from my doctor's nurse to set up an appointment to talk about my lab work and my swollen feet.  It is set for May 18th I think  (I wrote it down in my organizer)leaving me weeks to fret over what gives.  I looked up my lab results  on line and there are some that are really high and some really low, but I have long since forgotten what they pertain to.  It seems to me creatine and BUN are markers for kidney problems, but I am not sure  (I am a licensed  med tech can you believe it?).  I am determined to not look up these things online, it would only fuel my anxiety. They told us that no news is good news, and that they would call us if there was bad news, otherwise they would mail the results.

Yesterday I bought an Ottlite floor lamp to do my stitching.  I borrowed a small table top one to see how it is to stitch with one, and it is wonderful.  Might even do away with my magnifier, I shall see (get it, see?)  It was on sale, from $299.99 to 99.99, this for their top of the line model.  Hope it works out OK.  It is still a lot of money for crafting.  I guess it would work for splinter removing, and maybe for eyebrow plucking too.

I lost an almost new compact of face powder, Lancome brand.  I took it to the various skilled nursing places, along with the big short face brush to put it on.  My conclusion is that it got lifted while I was in one or the other places.  My aide at the last place said to hide my cash (all $5 dollars) as things were disappearing while patients were at therapy.  Lancome compacts run $35 or $40 apiece, so it would tempt someone who buys cosmetics at the grocery or drug store.  If it hadn't been new I wouldn't have minded so much, but we tore the room apart and it isn't here, and I don't remember seeing it or using it myself.   I think my eye liner is missing too, but that isn't a big loss.  I bought another compact from Sephora for $33 so it doesn't hurt too much.  Using makeup already used by someone else, yuck.  At one time you could buy used cosmetics on eBay, but they forbid it now, except for perfume, I think.  I remember being in one psychiatric hospital and having one of the patients ask to use my makeup, and I said no, but not very nicely I am afraid.  No boundaries.

Lancome is supposed to have a little diacritical over the e  but I don't remember how to do it.

There has been quite an uproar at the "Flosstube" group, a YoutubeI group for stitchers.  One of the members posted a risqué stitch project, leaning on the obscene side, and boy did things get hot.  Finally the admin people weighed in and said we're all adults, if you don't like it, pass on by.  That is the opposite of what I expected to happen, but good for them.  You'd think some members have never seen nudity, etc. before.

It is 3:30 am and I am back to bed.  Hope all is well with everyone, and that anyone who feels like stabbing something 10,000 times takes up cross stitching.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

echo cardiogram

The home health nurse came yesterday and concurred with the doctors that I need blood work and an echo done to rule out causes of water retention before giving me a stronger diuretic.  I need to check out the functioning of the kidneys which have to cope with an extra amount of water.  I don't know if it is significant that the echo took nearly an hour, the one I had in the past was zip zip you're done.  I won't learn anything until later today (it is just past 1 am as I write this).  When I had an abnormal echo a few years ago it was followed by a cardiocath, and that doctor did not concur with the heart diagnosis the radiologist gave.  I will try to ignore everything until the doctors have a consensus.

I went a little crazy and ordered four beautiful cross stitch patterns on eBay.  They are all of cats, but not the cutie cartoon ones.  I will attempt to post photos here:

I figure it will take me about a zillion years to stitch these...

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

No more "Saving"

I am no longer going to save the "best" things for a special occasion.  Things like the good china, the nice jewelry, the linens, the designer clothes (not a lot there), the designer handbags (too much of those), the silver flatware (I have 4 sets, none bought by me I am glad to say).  What kind of special occasion was I planning to have?  Royalty?  Rich old uncle?  Who?  And it will give me great delight to have these things out of storage and put to use.

Of course I will have to wait until I can get upstairs to put this into practice.

I saw the ortho doctor yesterday and he said I may eventually get the nerves to regrow and thus be able to lift my toes when I walk.  Until that happens I will limp; but right now I am less worried about limping and more about falling.  I saw the xrays taken and man that is one walloping big knee in there.  I guess when you're going for six surgeries, put the knee in, take the knee out, put the spacer in take the spacer out, put this knee in, sounds like the hokey-pokey, and whoa I am getting dizzy.  Anyway, when all that happens in 6 months, they must go for the big-time replacement.

Special date

For everyone else, today is tax day; but for me this is the birthday of my husband.  He would have been 74.  Put like that, 74 sounds really old.  But even at 72 he was active, chair of the Literacy Volunteers, hauling stuff in the pickup, cutting down trees, renting a grinder to clear out the stumps to make it easier to mow, and lots of chores.  He enjoyed all of them.  Then out of the blue, Blam! he was gone.  From the time he heard he had lung cancer until he died was 6 weeks.  He had not smoked in 40 years, but I guess that was the cause of the cancer.  I miss him so much, I never thought he would go first, given all the health issues I have had.  Added to this is a financial crunch.  I am trying my best to cover all the bases and not fret over things I have missed.

I have been using Alexa to play music, it sounds fine to me although I have read that others find the sound quality to be lacking.  Right now I have an ear worm, no not physical, I have one tune playing over and over in my head.  The only cure I know of is to listen to more music in hopes of smothering the repeating tune.  Right now I am waiting for the therapist so that will have to be done later.

The nail lady brought a light to see my nails better.  She wanted to leave it here, and I am really pleased.  It is an Ott light, the one all the hand crafters rave over, and now I can give it a trial run over the next two weeks to see if I like it for doing cross stitch.  It has a very blue tint to it, I think.  Several days ago I got my Lacis stand, that fastens to the embroidery hoop and can be adjusted up down and sideways I think.  I haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet, but I think it will be OK.  I find that holding the hoop in my left hand to stitch leaves my hand incredibly sore after only a short time.

The therapist is due shortly.  Wishing all those reading this to have a wonderful day, and hoping that everyone will have a stress-free time with their taxes.

Sunday, April 08, 2018


Time is zipping past now, I can hardly believe I have been home from the hospital for a month.  I am in the process of catching up with all the appointments that I had to reschedule when the knee replacement surgeries went on and on, starting back in June.  The two I haven't gotten caught up are the financial adviser and the dentist.  They both have one or more steps to get in the building (and out) and when I tried to do a step up on just one here at home, my knee buckled.  So I have been working here at home on the exercising and trying to be cautious but not panicky.  Considering how long it has been to just get home, I think cautious is the name of the current game.  I am using the gait belt too.

New gutters will go up soon, depending on their schedule and the weather.  It snowed Friday night, and right now it is the the 20s, so spring may be turning into summer without spring weather at all.  I hate it, I have been turning the heat in this room to a higher setting, then cooking in here and turning it down again.  I am wearing sweaters and sweatshirts-- It is April!  And sleeping under a blanket!  The horse has been in a stall for several weeks as the ground is so slippery, she would fall and hurt herself; the last thing we need is another vet bill.  She still shows the effect of her 'stroke' several weeks ago, her eye, tongue, righthand legs, droopy ear, it makes me sad to think of how peppy she was last spring.  I still can't get to the barn with the path so rough, thank god for C, my son, able to shoulder so much of the duties I can't get to.  I give him $ and pay his health insurance, but still...

And thinking of money outflow, I finished our income taxes yesterday and it was worse than I expected.  The big difference is going from married filing jointly to going to Single, now that N passed in 2016.  I will pay estimated taxes so that this doesn't happen next year.  And itemizing is a joke, I dredge up all the items paid and then be better off taking the standard deduction.  I blame Trump and the Rep. in congress for doing this.  If they mess up Medicare and SSN I don't think any of them will win another term.  Especially Trump.

I have been working on my cross-stitch again.  I couldn't do it in the rehab places at all, holding it above me while I am flat in bed.  And the bad lighting and interruptions too.  Anyway, it's not like I have a deadline to meet.  I am finding shopping at Amazon is still fun, only if it is very cheap of course like $20 max.  And the items are very eclectic, plant fertilizer and a garfield eraser for example.  I see things I would like to get, but nah, I have enough do-dads that I can't even remember what I did get.

The next thing after the gutters will be getting someone to take down a dead tree that would fall onto the power lines in a strong wind.  It is an ash tree (I think) that was killed by borers; then followed by woodpeckers stripping off the bark to get to the insects.  And it was a beautiful tree too.

And the cats are enjoying all the boxes my little odds and ends come in too.

Sunday, April 01, 2018

No fooling around here

It is April first, but I am not fond of practical jokes, or any joke that makes the listener the butt of the joke.  The student paper, which is quite nasty at times, doesn't come out on Sunday, so we are clear of that; unless they bring the paper out tomorrow.  One year it was entirely printed with bathroom jokes, this is for college age writers, not junior high school.  Some of the issues have been very clever, where you read the headline and think, What?! and then realize it is the first of April.  Now the jokes have given over completely  to the nasty, I am afraid.

I am currently wearing my latest craft project, a shark's tooth pendant on a black steel chain.  Many years ago I found a pretty large tooth in Murrell's Inlet, South Carolina at the water's edge which had been dredged and then the sand thrown up high on the beach.  We looked for quite a while and found many small teeth.  The only way to get big ones is with scuba gear.  Anyway the biggest one was found with hole already through the tooth, perfect for hanging as a pendant.  I wore it off and on for many years, and one of the tips finally broke off.  So I bought one (on Amazon, of course) and yesterday a glue (with Gorilla glue) was used to attach a finding (?) onto the back side.  It has been 24 hours so I am wearing here in the house so that if it comes off I can find it.  I will insert a photo here

And now you know how big the tooth is.  I would guess it is not as old as the solid black teeth, but I'm not picky.

All out of topics, bye for now, peace.

Thursday, March 29, 2018


The nails go 'round and 'round...

Ever since I began this long knee story, my nails have become awful.  They split, break, chip off and combinations of all those.  I don't know if this is an effect of the antibiotics or what, but they are often covered in band aids to keep them from splitting even further into the quick.  Next week the nail lady is coming here to do them, as I cannot get into her place with my walker.  I can hardly wait, I have had them done every 2 weeks for around 20 years and now my naked natural nails look weird to me.  I also need to get my toenails painted, but R can do them for me, save a few $$.  I have a list of phone calls I need to deal with, like the gutter installer, and I hope his estimate is not too dear.  I need them done this year before there are torrential rains mid-summer.  I also have 5 doctor appointments to catch up with, podiatrist, psych doctor, etc.  A fun time.

I am currently burning an apple cider candle from Yankee Candle, and it smells nice without that going-to-be-hungry vibe.  I like the vanilla scents as long as they are not too bakery scented, I have plenty of trouble staving off snack attacks as it is.  I have mandarin cranberry lined up next.

I want to get to work on my cross stitch projects, but the problem is the chair I have next to the fireplace.  It is very comfortable, but also very deep, and I fear I will be unable to get out of  it once I settle in.  There is a special light there too.  I am typing this on the fold-out for the sewing machine, but it kills my back pretty quick.  Maybe I can put pillows under the chair cushions?  I will think it over.

I bought a nice pair of CZ earrings as my birthday gift to myself, and they are very shiny (Sparkly!)  and have a screw-on back for extra security.  I had to get R to put them on me, she has tiny fingers and can see what she is doing.  I fiddled with them for 20 minutes trying to get the clasp to screw on, but she did it in 20 seconds.  I usually wear them without removing them, and I don't see any reason to remove them (like if they pinch for example).

The home therapist just left and he is pleased at the progress I am making, although to me it is very slow.  Still, I am able to walk at a  slow walk with my walker, this is better than being bed-fast.  At the rehab hospital I used the walker to transfer to the wheel chair, and now there is no wheelchair, so there is some improvement.  I am careful now, no risky moves that might cause me to fall.

I got an honest to goodness get well card last week, With a hand written note no less.  There is something to having a note that can be re-read and held that email doesn't cover.  My BFF and I wrote back and forth over our many years as friends, she is gone now and I miss her notes as well as herself.  I have kept most of our letters,  they fill most of a dresser drawer.  I wish she was still alive, big hole in my heart now.

This is a fragmented post, I am usually more organized than this demonstrates, where each topic isn't more than 3 sentences long.  Maybe the next post will be more cohesive.  Meanwhile, carry on and be grateful for your abilities walking, talking, hearing and more.  You would miss them if they were gone.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Home Sweet Home

Well, not quite germane to my situation, but close enough.


I have not been home for 4 months, while I have been in assorted hospitals, rehab, more hospitals, etc. you get the idea.  I now have a new knee, and am able to walk somewhat with a walker.  I also have "drop foot"  as a result of all the cutting and such, and it is slowly coming back to normal.  So good to sleep in my bed, use my bathroom, eat meals with my son.  I still cannot do stairs, so LR, DR, Kitchen are all unreachable.  I have the bedroom, bath, laundry, computer office (!) and I am quite content.

I have had two close calls with surgery, one where my blood pressure plummeted during the operation, and one where I had an emergency intubation when I stopped breathing in the recovery room.  I will think mighty hard about any general anesthesia in the future.  Although the blame for who is responsible for the panic time is still up in the air.

I will try to keep this blog up to date from here on out, I have missed doing it, although I only have a handful of followers right now.  That's OK with me anyway.  I  will have to re-read my past posts and see what I have already discussed.  I have plenty of time for doing this...

Bye for now...

Thursday, November 09, 2017

Thursday, November 02, 2017

More Bad News

This will be my last post for a while.  Turns out my replacement knee is infected, and tomorrow it comes out.  Then for the next 6 weeks I have daily IV antibiotic.  Then two weeks to see if the infection is gone; THEN another surgery to put a new knee in.  All that 6 week/two week I won't be able to walk/ put weight on the knee which will have a cement spacer during all this.  I cannot use crutches, I have tried in the past, and a walker won't work with no weight bearing.  I think I will be inpatient for this time.  I'll try to catch up if the facility has a router.

I am incredibly mad-sad-pissed-worried-etc.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Not very spooky

In keeping with Halloween, here is my strange-not-spooky tale.  I was working late in the lab when I went down the hall to the vending machines for a Diet Coke.  I put in my change, pressed Diet Coke, and - nothing.  I muttered, and that was my last bit of change, when there was a kerlunk! from the Pepsi machine next to the Coke one, and out dropped a Diet Pepsi.  I looked around for the candid camera, or whatever, but there was no one there anywhere on that floor.  I took the Pepsi, said, "thank you" and went back to the lab.