Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Well the mattress that was scheduled to be delivered on the 25th of July, after ordering it on July 5th, is apparently missing.  How can a shipment of a king sized mattress be missing?  you ask.  Just what I said to the customer agent at Amazon yesterday, the 30th.  It is not at the carrier XPO so the "out for delivery" is clearly wrong.  So it was reordered, now due Aug 19th.  We had, foolishly, pulled everything that would be in the way out of the way, and now it all has to be put back and then removed on the 19th.  They offered me a refund to select another Amazon bed, but I did all kinds of selecting over days to settle on this one so I reordered.  Lucky me, eh?

I have just finished an hour of grueling therapy, and my legs feel like noodles.  The therapy guide is very encouraging, and that is a big change from the previous place.  Then is was more of the same every session, and no feedback on my progress, if any.  Maybe before snow begins I will be done.

We are having problems about the new neighbor's dog, barking and charging at the old old cats.  If he gets into the field where the horse is, barking and chasing, that will be the end of him, I think.  I remember one other family, this was several years ago, who owned a Doberman, Ernie.  He was friendly and would play fetch until your arm gave out.  But unfortunately he grabbed anything in the yard and tore it up (kids' toys), chase the ball when someone was playing basketball, would chase and knock down the small kids, tear up picnic stuff, plates and food if it was within reach, and on and on.  When he got very pushy, one of the other neighbors would tie him to the owners' front door knob when they were letting him run loose while they were gone.  They did this over and over, the woman would say "Oh, everyone loves him, he wouldn't hurt a flea".  Finally came the day, they got home to find Ernie's collar tied to their front door.  The last time anyone saw him.  Everyone sighed in relief, and no one ever knew who did what with Ernie.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

New PT

I started with a new physical therapist last week, and he was very encouraging.  He scrapped some of the exercises I had been doing and added several that will target specific problems.  I am pleased that he will be addressing the swelling in my legs and feet.  Maybe eventually I will be able to wear real shoes again, and not just these slippers.

R joined us for dinner a couple of times last week, and we had a nice confab too.  She uses quarters in the washers, and so last night C and I went through the jar that N had used, which had never been touched since he passed, and sifted out all the quarters.  There are a lot!  Probably several hundred dollars' worth.  She will have to carry it, it is a heavy sucker.  I'm betting she buys a washer/dryer soon.  Update:  She bought a washer and dryer, they delivered it Friday (the 13th) and even hooked it up.  She immediately ran a load of towels!

My new bed is due to be delivered Thursday.  The current one is at least 20 years old, but it is only recently that I noticed all the lumps and bumps in it.  My only fear is that the mattress will be too thick to give access to the bookcase headboard.  It is not an insupportable problem, we have plenty of bookcases to pick up the slack.  I'm betting that the current mattress cover and waterproof cover won't fit, we will see.  I already bought new sheets, that are sized to fit a 16" thickness mattress.  I think the current ones are only able to fit a 14" mattress.

A few months ago I filed for and received "missing money" from WV, the source is just "Google".  So yesterday I looked for my sister-in-law in MI and KY and found $ in both.  I "claimed" them both, filled out some information and printed the forms, and mailed them to her to complete.  Not huge amounts, but still, it will buy some groceries, etc.  She couldn't do them by herself, because she doesn't have a computer or data line.  Heavens!!  I didn't think there was anyone that was without even library access.  And speaking of computers, my MacBook Air is starting to get very unreliable, even just going to my email listing gives me the spinning wheel, and the only cure is to turn WiFi off, then turn it back on.  The same is necessary when I am trying to look at the news, or even if I shut the lid momentarily, and it is irritating the crap out of me.  It is not the router problem, because the other two computers work fine, I even put the MacBook right beside the desktop one, and the result is the same.  The local computer guys went out of business, leaving only Geek guys at Best Buy.  I am not sure that they work on Apples, I may have to send it out.  I would have to delete all my passwords, etc.  Grrr.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Oh yeah, the before and after

I'll leave you to figure out which is before and which is after the power wash.

Thursday, July 11, 2019


I can't believe it is mid-July already; it seems I was just admiring the tiny leaves on the trees, and putting the windows on the car down to catch the breezes.  Yesterday the high was 90 degrees and it felt totally accurate.  I have been buying lightweight sweaters now while the prices are down.  Last spring I had either long sleeved shirts, or heavy sweaters, so these light weight sweaters should be just the in-between top.  I hope.  It is hard to think of winter now.

I went to the hospital for an ultrasound last week, they are way less painful than a mammogram.  I walked miles as they have reorganized all of the ground floor, and the next day I could scarcely stir from bed, I was so sore.  The results were fine, re-do in 3 months.  I went to the podiatrist yesterday, and we had to wait over an hour to be seen; we waited until the last patients had been called, and C muted the TV.  It was tuned to soap operas, right then showing the "Bold and the Beautiful" and I am amazed by the number of people who watch it.   I should have brought my Kindle, but the battery is getting weak at holding a charge.  I am currently working on a pair of old Barbara Hambly fantasy books, paperbacks, R had them for months, and are now beaten to pieces.  She ordered new/lightly used copies, and gave mine back.  I think she should have given me the newer copies, and continued using the beat up ones.  I'm sure the thought never crossed her mind.  She's doing OK in her apartment, and last night was the first dinner she cooked on her stove.  Meanwhile she has been microwaving, rice cooker, or cereal for dinner.  The laundromat isn't far from her place, but she has already used up the quarters I gave her, it is $1.75 per washer.  I know she is going to want to buy a washer and dryer, each apartment has a little alcove for hooking them up, but we always bought ours from Sears, which is pfffft.  So I can't really recommend a brand/model.  They're probably all made in China anyway.