Monday, May 25, 2020


Damn.  I fell last night going from desk chair to bed, that is three steps.  I got 2 done when my knee buckled;  as I felt me going I quickly back stepped (because I always fall backward)  and ended in the chair again, none the worse for wear. However I still had to get to bed.  I took tiny baby steps, slowly, and made it to bed at last.   How long is this going to go on?  I can't just mince along as I walk for an indefinite time.

I am watching The Dead Zone.  It only loosely follows the Stephen King book, but given that the story line covers  7 seasons of hourly programs, the writers had to flesh it out with some liberties in plot.  Especially since in the book, the main character gets killed as he assasinates the Armageddon source (maybe).  Otherwise it is OK, but each episode has Johnny discovering a catastrophe, warning the key character, who never believes him, and so he must act on his own.  If it were me, I would sense the trouble, tell them to be careful (etc.) and then so long, duty done.  No one ever believes the first time, and what makes him the hero over and over is all pretty much the same, episode to episode.  And yes, he sounds and looks like a jerk too, with all that wild gazing going on.  And the scenes with his son are creepy.  And why is it that as he is exploring the haunted-style room, etc., he never turns the light on?  Don't you think he should be falling over the furniture and making a racket?

 Anyway it passes the time.

Take-out from Outback tonight, yum.  I would have gotten a blooming onion, but they don't travel well.  Ribeye steak for me.  With all the lock-downs, they should have their act together for take out by now.  When N was alive we went out to dinner every Friday, but now it becomes a major production to get me in and out of the car, into the restaurant and stow my walker nearby.  Guess I am saving money, anyway.

I got my "economic impact" check, although I am aware that it is only a fraction of the amount I paid in income taxes back in April.  Guess I will use it to get ahead in payments.  I can just visualize trump and some of his cronies sitting around in the oval office and trying ideas for how to get more votes.  They say, just give them around a thousand dollars, they will think they have won the lottery, thanks to the GOP.  Should have a real surge in votes, come November.  And they are probably right, too.  Damn.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

posting blues


It has been too long since the last post on the first of May, you would think by now I would have scads of things to relate, but you would be wrong.  Nothing much has been different since the first, so you will have to overlook the gap, and just read this post.

I went to see the orthopedic surgeon last week.  Discouraging that he sees the break on the tibia clearly, but some new bone along the side of the bone.  He said I could retire the boot, but not do any therapy ( as I did before the fall) until he sees me in one month.  I worry that this will be like the ankle fracture on the other side from years ago, that never healed without surgery to place screws to hold the two pieces together.  I try not to worry this time.

The bank finally came through with a line of credit so that I can proceed with the renovation of the bathrooms.  Unfortunately this means that I will have to move upstairs while they work, for around 2 weeks.  Getting there is the scary part, and even descending the stairs when I can go back to my big bathroom is daunting.  I try not to dwell on the whole process.

I finished watching Downton Abbey, it seems to have a death in each episode, it is a wonder that they didn't run out of characters to complete the story.  I have been watching a few pages of other videos to try and find another series to watch.  So far no luck.  I want to begin with S1 ( the first season) so all the listings without the first season I skip.  Mostly I try to find what is reasonable (no foreign language, no black and white (like Dark Shadows), no irritating characters, not too much gore).  There are selections that I saw when they were on TV (like Eureka), so I skip those; I don't want silliness.  and I don't enjoy movies, there is no place to break off and resume later.  I do use closed captioning for UK and Oz films so I don't have to puzzle out what did he say? and miss the next three pages.  I am watching A Difficult Woman but so far it hasn't really struck me as a series (of 2 episodes!) that I will enjoy.  At least they are free with my Prime membership in Amazon.   I mostly depend on reviews and the synopsis to cut down watching stuff I know I won't enjoy.

What a trivial thing to fool around, with all the deaths (80,000 and up in the US) from the coronavirus infections.  Other than stay home, C goes to the grocery store, I haven't felt the pressure to deal with the chance of infections.  I did wish we could have had a steak dinner on Mother's Day, but other than a visit to the ortho clinic  and to have my blister checked out (infected) I haven't been outside of the house.  I read Time magazine, and watch the news on my MacBook, so I am fairly up-to-date with the progress of the infection.  Personally I think "reopening" now is a very bad idea, and predict a surge of new infections.  Hope I am wrong.  I know if the trump thinks it is OK it has to be a bad idea.  Guess he and his cohorts are suffering the pinch of very little income spending, hence the $1200 checks.  Unfortunately for them, people are spending on only vital necessities, like food, rent, medicine, credit payments, and so forth.  Hard to skim off that commerce.

That's it for today, not a thrill is it?  I hope to do better next time,  Even if it is bad jokes...


Friday, May 01, 2020

May Day, 5/1/20

Well my bad luck just goes on and on.  Now in yet even more opportunity I have gained an infected sore on the side of my right foot, from what I do not have the faintest clue.  It is large and very raw looking; C and I have kept it covered lightly and irrigated but 2 days ago I didn't like the looks of it, increasingly red and weepy, so off to Med Express, who declared it infected and put me on antibiotics for 10 days.  Since I wear my "boot" to bed, the working theory is that I rubbed my boot (very rough around the perimeter of the sole) on the edge of my unprotected foot and friction did the rest.  I'm not convinced this is what happened, but it is entirely possible.  Now I sleep with a small pillow between my knees to keep my legs separate even while I am asleep.  That foot has neuropathy and it doesn't hurt at all, which is both good and bad.

I have been watching "Goliath" with Billy Bob Thornton on Amazon prime, but I have become fed up with the dialog being "fuck" in every sentence and the bloody gore (like an up-close view of amputation ) as well, and have given up on the 3rd episode.  I think just the expletive alone would have been enough to bar it from TV but apparently not.  Anyway I have started watching Downton Abbey and with closed captioning I can even understand what is being said.  Although both Goliath and Downton show an awful amount of smoking, like TV was 45 years ago when commercials for cigarettes were taken off the air as well.  At a time back then I would not have even noticed.  I feel like I need to cough for them...

I got a book "How to draw what you see" from Amazon and flipping through it, it looks like a good step-by-step on drawing.  I'm not sure the light here is enough, and neither is the size of the table for the book and the paper, as well as the model.  Have to check it out.  I also have a copy of " Drawing on the right side of the brain".  From back in a time when there wasn't time for much of anything, between work and family jobs, horses, and so on.  I made some progress using it,  I will have to look at it as well.  It is, at least, spiral bound.  I would take the paperback to Office Depot to have it done as a spiral, but there isn't enough margin to get all of a page once cut.  Even putting each page in a protector isn't feasible because it is bigger than  8 1/2"  by 11"

The black cat who lives in the garage has been missing for over two weeks, but yesterday he reappeared, hungry, wet, thin, and demanding pets after food.  It must have been unrequited love with a female in springtime.  He is called, unimagining,  Blackie.  To distinguish him from Scaredy Gray, who undoubtedly has a real home and just comes here for snacks.  He disappears as soon as one of us shows up, but is never thin or ratty looking.  I just hope there aren't any wildlife types that have been munching the cat food while Blackie was gone.  If there are, it will be Have a Heart trap time, baiting with peanut butter.  Usually possum, ugh.