Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fingers crossed

Tomorrow I go in for the Cardiolite screening. I've had one before, that was abnormal. This one is to decide if a heart catheterization is needed. Keep those fingers crossed!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not too good, thanks

I'm going through a bad patch right now and blogging has slipped WAY down the list of things I want to do. The weather is lousy here, maybe that's part of my doldrums. I have yet another new drug, and the side effects are abysmal. Yes, I'm happy for the Obama success, and the departure of that slimy jerk who sold our country out to his oil buddies. But overall, the only thing I want to do is sleep. R helped me clean up the LR and the DR, bless her heart, so there is at least one place in the house that is not total chaos. But what I really need is another room, with HUGGGEEE closets, to stash all my stuff in. But that would take work, so never mind. Did I mention the weather? So posts here will be sporadic. Let's see, my birthday is next week, (I'll be 99, I think) and N proposed buying me a Blackberry, as my Palm Lifedrive is glitching pretty regularly, right now the Wi Fi connecting is broken. Instead I got another, refurbished Lifedrive. I've had Palms right along -- this is my 4th-- and the Blackberry doesn't really function as a personal organizer, but like an enormously complicated phone with a few other apps thrown in. IMHO.

Back to bed, maybe I can sleep a little more before everyone gets up. Sorry for the blah post.