Sunday, January 22, 2012

It's 2:30 in the morning! Go back to bed!

Or that's what I tell myself when I wake up, ready to go, in the wee hours of the morning. Myself seldom listens, so no changes there.

It is bitterly cold here, around 10 degrees, and an ice storm left everything coated in ice, so pretty. So awful to drive on. I hope it clears before the kids leave for work on Monday. We have noticed a big difference in the house with the new front and back doors. The wind no longer whistles through them and we don't have to put down a draft blocker at the threshold, so inadequate. And the furnace doesn't labor night and day to keep the temp in the 60s. Brrr. I'm feeling cold just writing about it.

The horses are all rugged up in their winter blankies, but still we won't let them out in the pasture until the footing is better. I really don't need (another) geriatric horse breaking a hip/front leg/stifle/knee by slipping on the ice. The barn may be boring, but they have toys and its a lot warmer and safer for them and the dogs.

The latest surgery is healing nicely, and I have only steri-strips that fall off after a while. Swelling all gone as is the pain. Next month is a mammogram on the survivor side, and then TA DA time for the Hawaii cruise in mid March. I need to do a final wardrobe check, make sure everything still fits. Nothing worse that hauling along clothes that can't be fastened up! Weight gain is the main side effect of the chemotherapy/immunotherapy I am getting, from what I read online. Why can't there be a drug with the side effect of appetite suppression? Well, whine whine it could be worse; I could be dead from the cancer.

It is now 3 am and I cm going back to bed, hopefully to sleep. I leave you with the bumper sticker of the day: "There are three kinds of people. Those who can count and those who can't."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordy Wednesday

I'm typing this at 3 am. I like to think of my nightly sleepy period as a result of a time-shifted siesta. That thought doesn't really work when I crash around 2:30 pm. Maybe I need two siestas?

I have (groan) begun walking on the treadmill. I am afraid that on our shore excursions I will poop out 5 minutes into it, and have to miss the whole thing. So far I can walk 5 minutes at speed setting one, and then I have to sit down. This is what comes from doing nothing strenuous for 5 years. Back when I was still working I could, and did, walk all over the medical center, but I let that level (not that it couldn't have been improved) slip away as I meandered around the house, or strolled through the grocery store. Why doesn't life work backwards, so you could start out with an activity at Olympic levels, and then gradually, slowly, get worse the more you practice? Sounds good to me.

A couple of days ago I drug out the heated water buckets for the horse stalls, and only found one, and that one had the rim chewed up (Maggie's work), and two buckets missing. I have a recollection of pitching one because Maybe (horse) kept chewing and pulling on it until it cracked top to bottom. But there still should be another. However, I am going to order two more ($35!!!each) and also a horse toy called a pas-a-fier for them to chew and crib on. Guess that makes me their enabler.
They've already chewed through one each, which is damned hard to do, these things are not flimsy:

But then, a thousand pound animal pulling on it with all their strength...

Bumper sticker for the day: "Thank you for not being perky."

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th

I'm not superstitious about the 13th, and can't see why it should be even more inauspicious just because it falls on a Friday, can you? And the old saw about 7 years bad luck because you break a mirror -- I guess if you walk barefoot in your house, if it's like mine, it might take seven years to vacuum it all up. Some of my dust bunnies are pushing 20 about now. One cedar chest I recently looked under had an awful conglomerate of fuzz and dirt and cat toys; I resolve to not look under there again. And so goes most of the old adages, a grain of sense and a pound of nonsense.

I have been unwell over the last couple weeks, and so my blog has taken a hit when it's come to posting regularly. I can resolve to do better, but only when I feel better too. Meanwhile I'll put out these tiny posts just to let everyone I'm still alive and kicking.

T shirt for the day: "Christ died to wash away our sins -- let's don't disappoint him."