Thursday, March 24, 2016


I have been neglecting my blog for the last month, and mainly writing email to special friends.  I find emails and blog posts are better off when not co-mingled.  So, one or the other are up-to-date, and the other is lame.  Multitasking anyone?

I went to see yet another family doctor 2 weeks ago, following the three visit doctor who moved away just as I was feeling comfortable with him.  He asked about drug testing. and I was a little taken aback,  this on the first visit, but I said "sure".  Urine specimen, on my way out, and guess what? It came back positive for THC (pot) and benzodiazapine (Xanax).  Xanax is fine, I have a script for years and years (anti anxiety and help sleeping) but the pot screen!  I haven't smoked a joint in 40 years (San Francisco days).  Back home and onto the net, and lo, it turns out naproxen (Aleve) cross reacts to the THC test.  I have a scrip for naproxen,(it is there on my drug list, twice a day each day) so I got a script for testing at the hospital (vs. doctor office dip stick) from my psyc. doctor (she says she never tests her patients, they are taking this and that and the tests are always positive) , and meanwhile I am taking no Aleve.  I feel it, tylenol just doesn't cut it for knee pain; my knees pain me awake or asleep, I even dream about knee pain.   The new regs for pain meds leave legitimate patients like me bearing the brunt of the results.  Do you know, the street price of Oxycontin is so high that people are switching to heroin because it is cheaper?  Crazy world.  It is only sparingly used for post-surgical pain, because it is "redirected" to the black market it is so pricey.  No knee surgery for me anytime soon.

I finished the income taxes for us and our two kids today , don't get me started on THAT.

This isn't very long of a post, but it is 4 am and I am back to bed. 

Motto for today "  Everything we have is taxed - even our patience."