Sunday, October 28, 2007

A pink Dyson?

Now all I'll need is someone to use it.

UPDATE: I didn't win. Now it's back tp scrubbing on hands and knees with a brush and a bucket....(sob). As if.

Pink Dyson Vaccuum Giveaway by the Domestic Diva

Click on the above link to get your chance to win the pink Dyson, too.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

OK so far

I really did have another post half written, which my computer ate. Really.

Anyway, times have moved on. The barn now has concrete flooring in the aisle and in front of the barn, and Monday starts the construction of the tack room inside so I can get all the horse stuff out of storage and back where I can actually find things again. In theory. While all of the above work has been done, I and daughter have gone and returned from the beach, vis., Rehoboth beach in Delaware. I had never been to Del. before, but had heard good things about the place and I am pleased to say they are all correct. It is by far the closest beach to here, being exactly east of here in a straight line, which of course the highways do not do. Not to worry, because even though the GPS was DOA for the entire trip, the printed directions from Yahoo travel worked fine. Don't you love how, if you enter your home address as the "starting point" that the directions include which way to turn out of your driveway, down to the corner, turn R toward...etc. Like they couldn't say, starting at where you get on the interstate....

So here is an actual photo which was taken by an utter stranger who offered to do so after seeing me taking a photo of daughter. Didn't she do a good job? Let's hear it for friendly people!!

If you click on the photo it will (I think) make it great big, so you will be able to see every inch of our pasty white skin which is currently more red than white. We ate a ton of great food, and walked miles and miles, and beachcombed and shopped 'til we dropped. There were no problems driving, everyone there was friendly and nice, I spent a lot of money and had a good time. Now back at home, things on arrival were a little bit of a shock, the day was rainy and grey and quite cool. We wanted to talk about the beach, but husband and son wanted to talk about the work on the barn, so we did, at the same time, making for a confusing conversation.

Now today is leaf raking and gutter cleaning and hay moving and other household chores, so onward, ever onward...