Sunday, July 17, 2016

Such a Long break

My enthusiasm for writing this blog is at an all time low.  I won't give it up, I promise I will continue however lame the posts become. 

I am finally square (I think) with the annuity folks, although I could throttle N for not getting more life insurance.  Especially credit life for the car.  I'll call the attorney next week and see what his advice is.  Maybe I do need a financial advisor;  N would have just winged it.

Still, his death from a stroke was very fast, not even time to get chemo for the cancer.  I don't know how spouses manage, we were a couple for 45 years, and for the last 10 retired together.  I hear N's voice everytime my son speaks; my daughter sounds just like my mother.  When I am just dozing off, or waking up, I forget they are both gone, although my mom passed 16 years ago, go figure.

Willie, my horse, is also a big hole in my heart since he died.  The mare who is his sister still calls for him when she hears horses way across the valley.  Horses are herd animals, and he was her "herd".

Someone has dropped off another stray cat, I guess they see our old-timer cats and think, this looks like a good place, what is one more?  And whoosh, another mouth to feed.  There is no way I will let an animal go hungry on my property, and usually the (intact) males move on down the line, looking for lady loves.  The girls get spayed if they can be caught.  Although I have had a spayed friendly cat go missing, I hope someone took her to a forever home.  There is no way to tell, of course, but I hope.  She was a beauty, all white.  That was a long time ago.

I can't think of any more trivial bits to share.  I think I am down to a meager few reading this blog, I need to get back to reading other blogs so we can reciprocate.  But meanwhile, feel free to comment or just linger, I'm easy.

Bye for now

Quote for the day : "If you lived here you'd be home by now"  changed sign when building was torn down to  "If you lived here you'd be homeless now."