Monday, March 12, 2012

Well usually March is a dreary time here with winter lingering on and on. That's why I picked this particular date for a trip to Hawaii. So of course yesterday was a balmy 65 degrees with sunshine and blue sky. Grrr. Nevertheless, we leave on Friday.

I always over pack for any trip, and with the cruise being 14 days long, it is a special temptation to just load up the suitcase. But I am restricting (or trying to)the heavy things like jeans (!) and instead pack capris. They should be lots lighter, right? Missing the whole lower part of the legs, right? Last time I went to FL to visit BFF, I used such a big suitcase I nearly couldn't get in the rental car, a Mustang. I had to wrestle it into the front seat, because I couldn't close the trunk lid. I'm trying do better. And laundry and dry cleaning on board is free...

I bought a Pandora bracelet last week; for those (like me) who had never heard of them until lately, this is the modern take on charm bracelets. I have the basic bracelet, but no beads on it. I figure it will be a good thing for birthdays and Christmas that the family can buy, they always complain I'm hard to shop for. I never had a charm bracelet back when I was a teenager and they were popular. My sister had a nice one and I was envious, although even then they were becoming passe. Probably these will too, but meanwhile I enjoy the plain bracelet. I'm not taking any of my expensive jewelry (not that I have much) because with my luck I'd drop it overboard. Or fall off, and me not notice until hours later.

The kids have been moaning (a little bit) about having to take care of the horses and inside cats, doing litter box duty every day, and so forth. This a rare chance for them to see how coming home from work doesn't equal dinner in 10 minutes. How much cereal can be eaten night after night? We will see...

Back to bed for me, I'm not sure what time it is, which clocks have been sprung forward. But the headache is gone, so I will doze for a while.

Bumper sticker for the day: "Get even. Live long enough to become a problem to your kids."