Sunday, March 29, 2020

Wasting away

I am going stir crazy.  It is bad enough being confined to this bedroom, but now there is no hope of being able to go somewhere - anywhere - for a change of scenery.  C went to Walmart for groceries and there were 10 or more people working feverishly to restock the shelves and cold cases.  There was a little meat, no frozen veggies, and so on for perishables that would need to come a fair distance.  He did get pizza for dinner, so all is not lost, if pizzas are available.  Still no t paper.  What, pray tell, you would need t paper for a respiratory illness?

I finished the Lost Room (a made for TV mini series) , and I am now watching The Mentalist.  It has 7 seasons so I should be good for quite a while.  I always wanted to watch this when it was on TV, but if you miss the early season, it can be hard to catch up.  Besides, this way there are no commercials.  But I can figure out where they were from the fade-to-black points.

I am getting some done on my cross stitch projects; actually I started a small project so I will feel like I am making real progress.  The one I picked is for a round piece that will make the cover of a cookie tin, and included the tin, lace, floss, fabric, needle, the works.  I am stitching it "in hand", that is, without a hoop.  As long as I can wash it when done, the hand oil will come clean, and then I will iron it gently on the back side.  That is the way I did it in the (ancient) past, and it feels right to have it easy to make the back look neat without having to continuously turn the fabric over.  The pattern says "to Cheer You" in the center, but that makes it sound like a gift for someone sick or sad.  So I changed it to "I (heart) cross stitch" and that way I can use the tin to hold stitching stuff while I am working on the next pattern.

I guess the telemarking people have stayed at home as we have very very few robocalls calls.  I wish everything slacks off, at least for a while, as we are not the right age group and routinely hang up before they deliver their pitch.  The ones that use a recording, before they start you will hear a "bloop" noise as the tape begins.  Such a boring way to pester people.

It is now one am and This is so boring I am feeling sleepy at last Too late to take Anbien, I would sleep until noon tomorrow and then feel wide awake next night.  So, good night!

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