Thursday, December 19, 2019

Holiday Cheer

The original plan was for the big Christmas tree to be in the living room, and the little one to be in my room.  But while the big tree is happily lighted in the living room, the small tree is unable to be very festive when half the lights are out.  C took it apart (there are only two  pieces) and fiddled with the wiring for about an hour and then gave up.  It is slated for the next trip to the transfer station (dump). So my only festive move is to have Alexa play instrumental Christmas songs.  They sound pretty good, arrangements that I haven't heard before.  My favorite song is Carol of the Bells.  It is a very common Christmas song, but the name isn't very well known.

I have been having a tough time with my IPSY membership.  That is one where a subscriber gets a cosmetic bag every month containing 5 samples (big samples) of makeup, for $10.  I got an email today asking about what sample I would like to choose for the January shipment.  And I thought, Jan?! I haven't gotten the one for Dec. yet.  So I went to their Help page, and it refused to let me log in.  I got the site giving me a temporary password, sent to my email address.  But when I tried to log in, I get a message that the email and password don't match.  And I thought, what?  They just sent me the temporary password, which they sent to the email address, so how could they not match?  But it refuses to log me in.  I sent a message to the help section, but come on, it is less than a week until Christmas, no one will be answering help messages this week or next.  I am about to cancel the whole thing, except I have to log in first!

I didn't go to therapy today.  I was all ready and Chris went out to warm the car up, and nearly fell on his ass.  He had swept the driveway and put down salt earlier, when it was just snow, but it apparently turned it to ice and glassy too.  So he called and cancelled the session; the last thing I need is to fall on MY ass.  His car won't fit in the garage and still be able to open the doors.  When I had the Miatas they were just right for the space, but not a compact car.  This is why I scheduled the knee surgery for the summer (of 2017), to avoid the weather problems.  But the final surgery was in Feb (of 2018) and I am still doing therapy so that Some Day I will be able to get around without the walker.  That would  be my Christmas present times a million.

I got a message from the Big Bank today asking me if I recognized a charge on my account from yesterday.  I looked in all the places a charge might have come from or to, but found nothing.  And I checked everywhere and didn't even find any charge from yesterday, except for the bogus one.  So once again they will cancel this card and send me a new one.  This one was the replacement for the last hack, and yet it is hacked again.  Mutter mutter.  There is a class action lawsuit for a breach of Experian last year, could this problem be due to that?  And if so, do you think they would tell us?  That's what I thought too.

Click on the lady and you will get a bigger image, easier to read.

I just heard that one of my old friends, one I haven't spoken to for years, just found out she has breast cancer.  Been there.  I still get a giggle from this poem;  I have a warped sense of humor sometimes.

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