Thursday, May 16, 2019

Nice Day

I think we've finally gotten hold of actual springtime weather.  The forecast for tonight is 100% chance of thunderstorms so it will be kinda squishy afterward for the old mare to go out and kick up her heels, racing for new spring grass.  If she were more sedate she would get out of the barn more frequently, at 26 she should be through with acting up, but no.    She doesn't need to be injured and I shouldn't need any more vet bills.

I went to get my hair cut and colored, and the salon was out of one of the dyes grrr.  This shop has been going through hairdressers weekly, and no one seems to know how to do anything, including the register.  It isn't all that easy for me to get into the salon, navigating a heavy door with no automatic movement, the chairs which are too close together, and count on C to take me there and back. Why are the most convenient places getting the ax?  Honestly, there are businesses going down all over, so much for POTUS promises to farmers, workers in places that shut down 10 or more years ago, the coal miners.  They all were singing "happy days are here again" in 2016 and it is too late to turn that machinery back on, but they believed.  What about 2020?  Grrr.

Our hyperthyroid cat is doing great, with meds morning and evening, and a pinch of the much-lauded supplement, she is picking up weight and her coat is sleek and clean, with much less barfing.

We have started clearing the attic, maybe one-fourth done.  The amount of junk is staggering, it will mean many trips to the landfill.  A lot of it is baby things that I thought we could use for grandbabies, but that ship has sailed.  R has found an apartment and will be moving the first of June.  Our first job will be cleaning her room, it is thick with dust on every surface, it is no wonder she has "allergies".
There have been several trips to Goodwill with donatable stuff, although there are no clothes from the attic, they are in too poor shape from being so old.  The same with the stuffed animal toys, too dirty.  All the garbage bags up there just shatter when touched, so it all has to be re-bagged to discard, which is strange I think.  Anyway, my goal is to have Nothing In The Attic; if it is keepers it goes to the storage unit.  There won't be much.

 My counter over there --->  shows 44,000 page views as of this morning, yeah me.  It is only a guess, The earlier counters just disappeared, and I picked a reasonable number to begin again.  I realize there are millions of bloggers who get 40,000 a day, but I'm happy with my 44,000.

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