Monday, December 17, 2018

Tippy toes

I swear there is an opening outside that squirrels have found.  It goes clickety-click across my ceiling and moves very fast.  But never when there are other people in here.  I worry that it (they?) will chew through wiring and set the house on fire.  But what can I do about it?  Hopefully it will instead trip the circuit breaker.  Something new to worry about.  

I thought for an hour or so the automatic needle threader on my new sewing machine  was broken, but when I checked the manual, it was only that the needle (which was bent) had not been raised all the way.  What a relief.  I stopped right there for the night.  I will go through the manual and the video tomorrow to check my thread position before I venture out of the video.  This machine has so many functions, it will be easier to work on them one by one.   I am so glad I didn't opt for one that does embroidery, I would probably skip that entire section.  And then go nuts when I could not get the feature to work.

The white of the sewing machine and its cover have been liberally decorated with soot from the candle on the mantle.  A lot of soot.  A brisk rub-down with Ethyl alcohol (especially with a magic erasure) takes it down, but I will wait for my wick trimmer.  All the Yankee  Candle advice is to trim-trim-trim.  My ceiling looks the pits too.  Another chore to be done.  Or leave it until we repaint the ceiling and the walls.

I have been doing my exercises every day, except Monday and Wednesday when I have therapy  that leaves me tired and ooshy after a solid  hour of exercises.  I have only used the boots once, but I will incorporate regular times that C can help me with.  I will take Lasik one day a week to get the leg liquid moving.  Hope it works or helps.  It would be so grand to walk unaided again.

I think I have caught a cold, sore throat and drippy nose yeah me.  I'm going back to bed and hopefully sleep too.

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