Sunday, December 23, 2018

Ho Ho H...

Hurray!  My son was in here yesterday when the critter started scampering and munching, and when I pointed  out that it didn't sound the least like a cat, he agreed.  He took a flashlight and looked around in the garage, but didn't find any sign of a way into the garage ceiling.  But I am vindicated!  Now to see if it either dies or we find someway to get a rat poison packet up in there.  As long as we are careful to put it where the garage cats couldn't reach.  After all these years, rodent problems.  I think the difference is that the dogs are no more and so the squirrels are everywhere.

Both R and C were in here cleaning this morning and the difference is amazing.  I typically clean all the time; one day on the sinks, one day on the throne, etc.  They didn't do it the way I would have but I don't care.  A few years ago I had housekeepers that came every two weeks, so the house never did get dirty other than the daily spatters in the kitchen, or a ring in the bowl that needed to be scrubbed out.  When I retired I decided to do it all myself, save some money.  But I hate to clean, and there is no one but the 3 of us to see the cobwebs, etc.  And of course for the last many months I have been unable to do much of anything while supporting myself on the walker.  I can't even carry much of anything, so there is stuff everywhere in here.  I need to do my exercises without fail.  And be triple careful with my knee, so that it has no chance to buckle and make me fall.  And need medical care after the fall.  Fingers crossed.

I am really looking forward to Christmas day, just two more days.  Not for gifts for myself, but to see if R and C are pleased with their gifts from me.  I tried really hard to come up with something they wouldn't think to buy for themselves.  Basically it is because they have the money to get anything for themselves.  So I will see if it goes well.

I am NOT going to write here about the Lump, it only makes me aggravated with the whole dog and pony show going on.  And grinding my teeth is bad for them.

My new sewing machine is working great.  I still need to go through the presser foot "bible" that I got last week, but I used the machine to take in the waist band of two pairs of slacks, and it didn't even pause sewing through all that thickness of material.  My old machine would have had to be guided every stitch of the way, and made a lovely mess on the back side of the seam.  Now I am waiting for my cardboard cutting board so I can cut out a pattern without getting down on the floor like I used to do; or on the dining table, which is on the upper level of this split-level house, no go for now.  I got the material for a tote bag last year (or longer) and it looks do-able without any fancy maneuvers.  It will be (I think) reversible.  Or at least lined.

Bye!  Next post will be on or after Xmas...

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