Thursday, November 20, 2008


Eons ago I owned the most comfortable boots I've ever found. They were called Wellingtons, but I bought mine in a shop south of San Francisco, down the peninsula, near a racetrack. They said all the horse trainers wore them because they were so comfortable. They were black, shortish, made of thin soft calfskin so they felt broken in from the start. All I can find now are Wellingtons with those big old rubber lugged soles, the kind that wouldn't bend if you're stuck in a mud puddle, they'd just get sucked right off. So what I'm asking is if anybody knows where I might find these, or what the name of the store might be (if it even exists after all these years). Don't tell me Zappos, I've been all over their site already.

So no, the boot at the top looks nothing like the ones I am looking for. This one looks a little like the ones my son tracks home in every day. Oh how I regret not having the builder put a mud room by the garage door. My house would stay 90% cleaner. It helped a lot when they paved the road out front, so the dust was gone. But I can't ask him to stand in sock feet outside on the porch, I mean really. Inside is a bench to sit on, and a boot tray to hold them, but the landing there looks awful, it's ceramic tile (because the carpet was ruined within 2 years), and the mud ends up in the grout lines, where I scrub them out with a heavy-duty sort of toothbrush thing. X-( Complain complain.

Bumper sticker for the day: "When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane and driving against traffic."

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