Friday, November 14, 2008


I hope it's not this computer, but a simple overload between the 4 computers currently sharing this cable connection to the comcast server. Please.

Our first computer was a 286-16 which the guy who helped us put it together (from individual components, no less) called "blazingly fast". When modems became available, our first one was a 2400; then a 9600; and eventually a 56K modem, where the speed growth stopped. So I remember when pages with, say, something wild like graphics, would load, pixel by pixel, and I would watch with awe while it made something out of nothing at all.

Now if I have to wait so much as 3 or 4 seconds, I'm champing at the bit, wondering what is taking so long. And I am certain that the day will come when this ridiculous boot up crap that takes minutes to load so you can do something, will be a thing of the past. Soon. Please.

And don't you hate the sadist who wrote the code that has your computer out of the clear blue (oh not that) say "the software update you have downloaded requires a restart of your computer. Do you want to do it now (recommended)? In an hour? In 24 hours?" And I want to say, do this at 3:45 am when NOBODY IS USING the computer, bonehead!!

Sadism. It has to be.

I mostly use an Apple MacBook, and have come to have a deep and spiritual (nearly) appreciation for the geniuses at Apple. I wish to god that IBM had stuck with cash registers like it was ordained to do, and left programming to those who know how to write code that doesn't crash twice in every session. And then ask you "OK?" when it ISN'T OK. But typing on a laptop while it is balanced on my-- well, whatever, while I am lying down, is difficult, so I use this HP desktop crap to blog on, and for Adobe Photoshop which I got before the Mac, and for Family Tree Maker, which doesn't come in a Mac version, grrrr. And me with over 3000 names in my genealogy database. I did partition my MAC drive, with Parallels, to run Windows apps as well as Mac ones, but I don't entirely trust it with 15 years of research, you know what I mean?

So anyway, I'm having a low threshold of frustration tonight, so I'm off to take some more medication. Whee. Hope all of you are doing better.

Bumper Sticker for today: "Witches parking. All other will be toad."

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