Thursday, November 13, 2008

Well, no, this isn't my photo. It's one of the ones that comes with Windows XP, I think. BUT I have stood in this exact spot and taken this exact angle of the Golden Gate Bridge myself, and if I ever manage to get my photos organized, there will be actual proof.

We lived in SF from 1973 to 1980, when we moved here. I really loved living there, the weather (barring a little fog) was great all year round, there were a million things to do, and we had a nice place, close, to live. The problems? Well, along with a million things to do were a million people trying to do them too. We left before the story of AIDS broke, which I understand devastated much of the cultural and artistic aspects of city life. We were told when we lived there, that World War II ruined the city, when all the servicemen saw how great the place was, and came back with their families after the war was over. I mean, if you compare SF with LA, is there any comparison? I was stunned by the cost of housing (and it's 10x higher now), the cost of boarding my horse, and the overall rudeness of the people there. I guess if you tick off a customer, it's no big deal, since in a couple of minutes another customer will arrive and buy whatever, no questions asked. It was like everyone enjoyed telling you "no", no matter how trivial whatever you wanted. And the traffic was unbelievable. Any hour, any day, 6 or 8 lanes in each direction, wall-to-wall cars. I was back there in 2000, and had to drive from SF to Danville, and if it weren't for the master designers of CA's signage on freeways, I'd probably still be there, a dessicated corpse languishing in some forgotten side road. I know I wasn't in the car 10 minutes before someone flipped me the bird. So friendly, those CA folks.

Bumper Sticker for today: "I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe."

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