Thursday, November 27, 2008


Man, I ate too much. But it was all so good. Now the dishes are all done (last load in dishwasher), the leftovers in the 'fridge, ready for tomorrow's dinner. (You know what the definition of an optimist is? It's the guy who, the day after Thanksgiving asks, what's for dinner?) And dessert is calling my name but I'm not in just yet. I even got a little housework done, so the main areas look pretty tidy. Maybe a little more done tomorrow, no promises.

I should point out that all this cooking was done in a toaster oven, microwave, and an automatic roaster oven, because Monday our gas oven blew up. NOW we know what that gas smell is!! Anyway, not much to any one's surprise, a repairman cannot come until next week, and probably the news will not be good. At least there are lots of sales going on for major appliances right now, in case we have to replace the damned thing. The one we have is a Jenn-Air, and they are supposed to last forever, right? Big bucks, you know? Grrrr. The oven has been misbehaving for weeks, taking forever to begin heating up when we turn it on. But the timing, with Thanksgiving the same week, smacks of diabolical. And laying out major money for an appliance is just as bad as laying out big bucks for, say, plumbing. No fun to be had there, you just want it to work.

We didn't watch the Macy's parade today. I love parades, but the only one we watch is the Rose parade, because it is covered by HGTV, that's Homes and Gardens, because the others on commercial TV are SOO annoying. It isn't just the commercial interruptions, although they are pretty bad. But I want to see the entire parade, bands, clowns, mounted units, not just the floats for 3.2 seconds. The rest of the on-air time is full of wannabe actors and actresses smiling their gleaming laminated teeth at the camera and plugging away for their shows, while in the background you can hear a band coming... and going. All for talking heads of people I don't even recognize, for shows no one has ever heard of. I think if Public Television could broadcast the parades, without commercial breaks, that would be heavenly. Until then, we'll pass.

Bumper sticker of the day: "Forget world peace. Visualize driving without a cell phone in your ear."

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