Friday, November 28, 2008


For the first time ever, I went shopping on Black Friday. Really just dipped my toe in it: I went to one store, Bed, Bath & Beyond. If what I saw is representative, the merchants are in big trouble. At the shopping center, I parked 4 spaces from the front of the store; in fact I had my choice of two spaces, and when I left the space next to me was still vacant. There was a guy at the front door handing out 20% off certificates (I saved $58). The aisles were somewhat crowded, but they usually are because the aisles are so narrow. I had only one person in front of me when I reached the checkout lane. Passing another mall on the way home, from the interstate I could see just the usual traffic in and out of the mall, but I can remember years when the traffic was at a standstill, backed up clear onto the interstate exit. So no, it doesn't look like a good year at the register. Oh, and I got what I had seen at the store several weeks ago, which is nearly unheard of, and the reason I went today, not really expecting it would still be there.

Bumper sticker for today: "An erection is not considered personal growth."

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