Saturday, November 01, 2008

it's November already!

So I'm lying here in bed, noodling on about the stitchery I'm doing, and suddenly it hits me! November! And that means, as all you NaBloPoMo followers know, that means I need to post every day for the month of November. I tried to come up with a list of topics beforehand, so I could just pick one, but they all sounded so trite or were about subjects that I knew nothing about ( which is a topic in and of itself). So I decided to write about football. I only attended one of my high school football games, at the Orange Bowl. As I recall, all our games were played at the Orange Bowl, the local schools were so huge (our school had 4000 students). The only thing I remember about the game is shouting "first and ten let's do it again!" without the slightest idea what that meant. The other main impression was seeing the dolphin jumping out of it's pool near the scoreboard. I never saw the Miami Dolphins play, but we did go to the Orange Bowl game once after I was married. It was Notre Dame and Alabama, and we rooted for Notre Dame (the quarterback was Joe Montana, I think) and we were seated in a sea of red, and not very popular, especially with the kids seated behind us. I swore then and there I'd never attend another game, the benches were excruciatingly painful and dumb me had no idea that the 15 minutes per quarter would take 45 minutes or an hour to play. Each. And I never have gone After all these years watching (reluctantly) on TV, I really can't understand why anyone would bother to go, you can see so much better on TV, it doesn't cost you the GNP of some small countries to attend, you're warm, comfortable, don't have to stand in line to use the bathroom, can make your own snacks instead of patronizing the local roach on wheels, and best of all, when the game is over, your only responsibility is to hit "off" on the remote, and not fight traffic for three hours getting home again.

But then, i don't understand NASCAR either, all those cars going round and round and round; wouldn't you think they should have pop-up targets or something to liven things up a bit? I can see a race like Le Mans, but Nascar?

Anyway, I've stretched my limited wit around something I know nothing about, so tomorrow it will be onward, onward, to a new topic.

New bumper sticker: Buckle Up! It makes it harder for the aliens to suck you out of your car.

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