Sunday, November 09, 2008

Is it just Me?

I've been having trouble today with the blogger web site, just getting into the member area so I can surf. It keeps just sitting there, while the green bar at the bottom gets about two blocks and freezes. Don't you hate that? Shouldn't it say something like, I'm stuck here, could you please rescue me? then a button that says "OK". That would make the whole "OK" thing more bearable, to have the button actually do something worthwhile. So many times when it pops up, I shout "NO!! It is NOT OK!!" but it doesn't help, and annoys my family. Not as much as it does me when it drops me in the middle of Word with only half my file saved.

If you are a reader of Dooce, the original Mother of Blogdom, granted her by being the first person to be fired for what she wrote in her blog, just skip this part. Her post Dooce where she talks about her daughter wanting her dad to dress up as the prince to escort her trick-or-treating while she dressed as the princess tickled me. I once heard an interview with one of the illustrators of Sleeping Beauty who said that drawing the scenes with the prince were the very worst work he ever had to do for Disney. I think he used the word "odious". I must admit, the prince did seem insipid, while the witch was bold and dramatic. As a kid, I was never a big fan of Disney, and preferred Looney Toons (Tunes?) cartoons any day. I've been pleased with the new computer generated animations you see now. For a few years there, the original cell-by-cell artists were retired, and it was thought to be too time consuming and thus too expensive to train artists that technique, so they did that lame-o stuff where they stuck up a crude character and moved the background behind him. Very crude. I still think some of the anime` stuff is crude, and gods know the story lines are hopeless. Yet they remain very popular in the States. Weird.

Today has been yet another laundry day, it is so pervasive I'm surprised all of you can't smell the soap suds and fabric softener rising out of your keyboards. I pointed out to the Handyman Husband that the rack on which I hang shirts and stuff just beside the dryer, has two supports in imminent danger of collapse, just as one of the bars in our closet did a few months ago, but so far no remedial action taken. Who would think that clothes on hangers are so heavy? Moving mine from rack to closet takes several trips, and hanging them on the upper bar in the closet ranks up there with pull-ups, I'm sure. Pinches my fingers too.

Speaking of fingers, do you think the photo of my hands below is trite and boring? I'd like to point out that somewhere in blogdom is a page that shows "My toothbrush", which looks like any toothbrush, and the counter reads hundreds of thousands. I'd link you to it, but I can't find it; instead there are pages and pages of where people actually write about brushing their teeth, can you imagine? Makes reading about what they had for lunch absolutely riveting by comparison.

Have I bored you utterly? Probably your 30 seconds are long gone if you made it to here, so you are dismissed for today. I'll try to think of something challenging to write about tomorrow.

Today's bumper sticker: "God was my co-pilot but we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him." (Apologies to all the religious wing nuts.)

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