Saturday, November 08, 2008

Handy (wo)man

It's an overcast windy cold day here, and both husband and I are feeling rather poorly. I suspect we have merely caught a cold, but it sure does take the starch out of the sails. I've been trying to get my hands in better condition, so today I did a hot wax immersion thing followed by gloves that massage and heat, and my hands look great! For a while anyway. The thing is, you have to take your rings off, because being metal, they conduct heat rather too well from the hot wax. I could barely get mine off, which means they won't be going back on, either. For some reason, a ring I can't remove irks me, like a hangnail, and I can't bear to slide it on once it's off. Most of my rings are oversized, and in fact, my wedding band falls off in the shower, clang! So I can't risk it going down the sink drain, and have left it off as well. (Have you ever had to remove the sink trap to retrieve something, and seen all the yuck in there? Were you tempted to leave whatever it was that went down?) Anyway, ringless for a while.


Today's Bumper Sticker: "This is just a STUPID BUMPERSTICKER but you're still squinting to read it."

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