Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

AT last election day has arrived. I am so sick of hearing all the rhetoric I could scream. Of course now, we'll have to listen to post-election analysis of what went right/wrong and what this will mean for the country, etc., etc., ad nauseum.

I kind of like the new voting machines we have, electronic but with a paper copy generated at the same time that you can read to verify for yourself. I remember the first time I voted, in 1972, it was those huge old mechanical machines, you stepped inside these musty old grey curtains and pulled a lever, and the curtains closed and the ballot choices were revealed. For each selection you flipped a little lever, like a flapper, and when you were all done, you hauled on this big 'ole handle again, the curtains opened, the votes tallied in the innards of the machine, and it was ready for the next voter. The only refinement this year from last, is that instead of touching the screen with your finger, they give you a little rubber gizmo that reminded me instantly of an ear syringe, used to touch the screen more accurately. I can imagine the finger active screen being a real problem, especially in our area, between crippling arthritis and industrial accidents making hands less than fully functional.

The ladies who do all the work at the voting place must have the patience of Job, repeating the directions over and over. We had to wait about 20 minutes to vote, unheard of in our little precinct, so the turn out must be huge state-wide. It always makes me feel more content when there is a good turnout, thinking of all those people exercising a choice that few people in the world have the luxury of doing. I wouldn't want it to be compulsory to vote, though, like it is in Australia, having all these voters just going through the motions without ever even getting informed about who they were voting for or against.

I sure was sorry, though, to hear abour Obama's grandmother passing today, win or lose I'm sure she would want to share it all with Barack.

Bumper sticker for today: " I'll procrastinate tomorrow."

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