Saturday, April 25, 2020


We are currently experiencing a loud thunder storm to the north of us.  Not experience like a constant rumble, but any storm there makes me want to huddle in my room (like I have a choice).  Three cats are hiding, but one (Beans) is still on a bed having a wash-up.  She figures with them gone she gets sole custody of any laps or beds within reach.  Her favorite spot is on the keyboard interfering with typing or gaming.  It does no good to put her down, she jumps right back.  Over and over.  C usually has to put her out of his room and shut the door.  Still she sits directly outside there and howls to be let back in.  Blows your concentration.

I need to figure out how to disable or change the length of time that the screen goes dark once there is nothing being added.  Got it done

I had just mailed the IRS and the state their pound of flesh ( although I had e-filed the actual returns several weeks before).  I did it just before the $1200 that taxpayers will receive, too late to get the earliest payment.  Still, it should arrive soon, based on the projected refunds.  I still have not received the census form (s) for 2020 so I must be a low-totempole-taxpayer.  I get government SSA so I will see how it goes over the next few weeks.  I am getting dozens of offers for decreasing my mortgage, and other benefits for veterans, even though we paid off the mortgage years ago.  Don't need a reverse mortgage, windows, a new roof, a new car, a remodeled bathroom, and so on, based on N's veteran status.  Back in the 60s you either went to college, got a draft deferment, or went into the military.  N went to the Air Force and ended up stationed in Berlin then Turkey.  NOT thank god to Vietnam.  His brother and father did Vietnam and both were injured; my father-in-law came home on a stretcher.  This  was after he had retired and then was called back in.  N's brother got Agent Orange exposure and was in awful health forever after.  Vietnam, what a mess that was.

The boot I am wearing for my broken ankle has had the side effect of removing fluid from my left foot,; even my right foot is down somewhat.   If only they stay down once the boot comes off.  I can't do therapy because the ramp onto the place is very steep for the first 20 feet, and worse than that, the trip down is difficult because the walker is not built to have a braking function.  No therapy for weeks now.  I will try to do mild exercise that doesn't need the left leg for the movement.  Not too many of those, I think.

Turfing out the attic has yielded some surprising items, and lots of trash.  The donate able stuff isn't too much except clothing, but some is alright.  Bowling balls, anyone?  Golf bags with new clubs?  A small North Face tent?  gas grill?  The list goes on and on...  If Goodwill won't take things, then I will  set the things out at the curb with a "help yourself" sign.  There are lots of walkers on the Lane so someone will take them.

And if you want one shirt on the bottom of the pile...

And flitting around the net, I can definitely see where age 20 to mid 30s is full of things that look awful on women of this age:  like unicorns, glitter, band shirts, tie dyed, anything you wore in high school..Hello? you aren't in high school anymore!  You have a career, a young family, not so many dress-up events, when what you need is classy.  Elegant, in fact, for your dress-up events.  Just make sure if you need to upgrade your closet, that the replacements hit all the buttons, the best color for you, lovely, well fitting, in vogue, fetching look.  Not something crammed in your closet for years.

That's all for this post, Bye!

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