Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Special date

For everyone else, today is tax day; but for me this is the birthday of my husband.  He would have been 74.  Put like that, 74 sounds really old.  But even at 72 he was active, chair of the Literacy Volunteers, hauling stuff in the pickup, cutting down trees, renting a grinder to clear out the stumps to make it easier to mow, and lots of chores.  He enjoyed all of them.  Then out of the blue, Blam! he was gone.  From the time he heard he had lung cancer until he died was 6 weeks.  He had not smoked in 40 years, but I guess that was the cause of the cancer.  I miss him so much, I never thought he would go first, given all the health issues I have had.  Added to this is a financial crunch.  I am trying my best to cover all the bases and not fret over things I have missed.

I have been using Alexa to play music, it sounds fine to me although I have read that others find the sound quality to be lacking.  Right now I have an ear worm, no not physical, I have one tune playing over and over in my head.  The only cure I know of is to listen to more music in hopes of smothering the repeating tune.  Right now I am waiting for the therapist so that will have to be done later.

The nail lady brought a light to see my nails better.  She wanted to leave it here, and I am really pleased.  It is an Ott light, the one all the hand crafters rave over, and now I can give it a trial run over the next two weeks to see if I like it for doing cross stitch.  It has a very blue tint to it, I think.  Several days ago I got my Lacis stand, that fastens to the embroidery hoop and can be adjusted up down and sideways I think.  I haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet, but I think it will be OK.  I find that holding the hoop in my left hand to stitch leaves my hand incredibly sore after only a short time.

The therapist is due shortly.  Wishing all those reading this to have a wonderful day, and hoping that everyone will have a stress-free time with their taxes.

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