Tuesday, November 04, 2014


The little blighters came calling the other night, panhandling for candy.  "Will go away for food."  We had around 50.  I sit outside the garage to do this rather than jumping up for each kid.  And of course, as I sit there with an entire bowl full of candy in my lap, I will need to sample them to make sure they are OK.  My favorite is Heath bars, and no one else in the family likes them.  Isn't that great?  More for me.  (I've already had a small sample.)

The majority of trick-or-treaters were under 5 years of age, and whispered "twik or tweet" and "tanku".  Some really cute costumes, Minnie Mouse  was the best.  We had candy left over, so the family was pleased.  It was held on the 30th because there was a big high school football game on the 31st.  Just as well, the 31st was raining and windy.

The horses are outside today, they made an absolute mess of their stalls over the last couple of days when they were in.  They are a lot of work, expecially now that # one son has to work Saturdays.  He's been told that things ease off as winter approaches and usually they will need no one on Saturday, I hope that is right.  I just can't do the work anymore, and DH shouldn't do it at his age either.  Something to think about for all you horse owners out there.

Only 7 more weekends until Christmas, can you believe it?  I will try as usual to get everything online, as the craziness of the hordes of shoppers give me a really strong case of bah humbugs.  Better to have the delivery guys do all the heavy lifting.
  Now if only inspiration would strike...

No snow as yet, although it has been forecast a couple of times and nothing happened.  The long range forecast is for a warmer that usual winter, which suits me fine.  We don't go out if the roads are bad, but I hate waiting for the kids to get home at night in the snow.  So many crazy drivers.

Not much to add from here. 
Bumper sticker for the day:  "Let's assume I'm right.  It'll save time."

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