Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Swap packages

I have been doing monthly swap packages on the Knitting Paradise forum.  This where the coordinator pairs up knitters and each one makes up a package to send their package in that month's color.  This month the color is brown.  I am finding it really hard to find brown things in any category (other than chocolate and yarn) and not much in a tan color either.  I have been picking things up even before the swap partner has been chosen, and I think I will need every bit of the month to finish it.  It is fun, though.  There is a suggested price range also, but I never pay too much attention to it.

I have been under the weather this week, fighting off a cold/flu and finally feel half human today.  We have all shared it in the family, and we all sneeze and honk together.  Yesterday C broke his glasses, and last week R broke hers.  Coincidence?  Maybe not.  Maybe broken things are contagious too!  You never know...

Tomorrow I will finally find out my lab results from January.  Presumably if there had been something dire someone would have called, right?  I will see.  I called the dr. office yesterday to give them a heads up on getting the results, and they called yesterday to confirm my appt., and to let me know the results are in my folder.  I don't remember what was tested.  Or why.

I got a DVD on loom knitting yesterday.  I watched the first demo on making a hat, and I didn't find much new there.  I am hoping the rest of the lessons cover some of the stitches other than ssk, which is all I have been doing on the loom so far.  I have two books of patterns, and the diagrams of the advanced projects is confusing.  Hoping a visual reference will clarify things.  I also got a box of yarn today, 17 little skeins, just the thing for making stripes on a hat or scarf.  Meanwhile I finished my latest scarf on the knitting machine, and it looks good if I do say so myself.  Then I lubricated the knitting carriage and the needle bed and now the carriage just zooms! across the bed.  No more sore shoulders for me... I also leveled the bed, added another clamp to prevent it from shifting, blew the crud out of the needle grooves and checked for bent needles (there aren't any).  Now I am making a cover to go over it so it doesn't collect more cat hair.  But I must be careful to not make the cover too cozy or they will sleep on top of it instead on the window ledge.

Firefox just crashed, must tie this up for now.

Bumpersticker for the day:  "I'm not always sarcastic; sometimes I mean it." crashedfor                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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