Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Happy B-day, part Deux

Well, today is the birthday of my (sob) baby. The little tyke is, er, well, 24. There. AND he's 6ft 3, too. However did this happen? One minute you're giving them baths in the plastic baby bath, and the next thing you know, they're using the baby bath to change the oil in their car. I used to show C how to do stuff with the computer - manage extended and expanded memory for those of you other dinosaurs out there, change boards, add memory chips, swap out processor chips. Now he tells me stuff in a language I'm sure isn't English, and I just shrug and ask, "How do you...." We used to play Doom together (he has FAR better spatial memory than me, so he was constantly yelling Left! Left! No not that left!) and his games now leave good old Doom looking like tic-tac-toe. He still gives me hugs even when there's no special reason, and I still like them a lot. He takes out the trash, does the dishwasher, feeds the horses, cleans their stalls, and mows grass. He just finished his degree in geology (yeah C!!) and we picked up his diploma earlier this week. All in all, we've raised a pretty special kid into a special man. Don't be in any hurry to move out....Love you, Pooh.


chaos-girl said...

Found your site via Blogexplosion. You should be proud of doing such a great job raising your son!!

sede said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son!
Congratulations on raising a fine young man