Friday, November 23, 2018

Oh no....

I fell the day before yesterday ... that is, the day before Thanksgiving.  It was a bad fall, knee buckled right in front of the closet, where I was aiming to pick out my clothes for the day.  I hurt my Knee, my butt, and I hit my head on the wicker trunk.  Thank god it was on the wicker; a little to one side and I would have impacted on the metal corner piece.  As it is, there is a head-shaped dent in the wicker and another lump on my head.  I only got up the nerve to shower today, when the pain in my knee has subsided a little.  The only thing I can think to do is hyperextend my knee to the back while leaning on the walker.  I tried to hang onto the walker to catch my balance, but all I succeeded in doing was pulling the walker on top of me.  C heard me screaming "Help!" and came and once again lifted me to the dining room chair so I could sit and wait until I caught my breath, to stand with the walker.  I had an appointment two hours from then with the GP doctor, who wasn't a lot of help; no surprise as the ortho doctor is stymied too.  I see him on Friday.  She suggested a rollator walker, it is heavier and less likely to tip up.  We shall see.

But because of the fall, no stairs were attempted, and we all gathered around the card table down here and had a yummy dinner which C and R prepared.  I won't try the stairs for some days yet.  I feel like I will never get better. June 23rd will be a year from the first surgery, and Feb. 19 will be the 6th and last surgery at one year.  And all I wanted was a simple knee replacement.

I have the bookmark almost finished, the hummingbird is done at last! the one with a zillion thread colors.  Now to finish the flowers.  The chickadees will have to be a birthday present, there is no way to get it done in time for Christmas.  The next project will be for me!  That is the sampler for my 45th wedding anniversary,  and instead of saying "the best is yet to come" it will read "Cherish the memories".  It will look nice, I think, and I am the only person whose opinion will matter.  Maybe I will get it fully finished by June 6th, 2019.  It is large, and the framing will cost a bunch, I think.

I am stiffening up just sitting here, so it is time to lie down for a while.  Hope everyone had a good holiday and I will return here in a few days.

Did you know hummers can't walk?  only hop.

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