Saturday, July 28, 2018

Movin' down the highway

I never did figure out what the missing part of my blog (below) was lost, so I will start again.

The therapists did an evaluation on Wednesday, but I guess I won't know anything they deduced until next week.  The evaluator took me through the exercises I do with them twice a week, and most of the ones I do at home.  My knee was so sore the next day from being bent and twisted that I had to skip the exercises that day.  I think I am making progress, slowly.  I told the evaluator that my biggest problem is the fear that I will fall again.  Then while we were doing step-ups my knee buckled, and I was glad (weird) that she would know what I am dealing with, and why I need the walker still.  I hate when I see people coming into the waiting room, with the prominent scar of knee replacement, and they are just trotting along, doing fine (although they aren't completely OK or they wouldn't be there).  I don't take anything for granted, my ears aren't making me dizzy, my eyesight is good enough for cross stitching, I can smell the coffee perking, I can make it to the bathroom and do what is necessary.  I will never face surgery again to do anything elective, and I won't have my left knee changed unless I am dragging it down the hall behind me.

C is cleaning the stove and oven now, I don't think I can ever repay him for all he has done in the last year.  I know N bugged him about getting a job, but for now, I am his job, thank the gods.  He does get to surf the internet more than if he was working, but he is on call if I need something important.  I try not to get him down here to do trivial stuff.  And I don't care if the lawn isn't mowed as often, or trimmed, or the horse stall isn't pristine, none of that matters much.  All the critters get cared for, including vet visits, and if the neighbors think the lawn looks poor, tough. 

I have been having fun with my Echo, checking in on "Alexa" for all sorts of things.  I have to ask for info in a specific way, or I will get her confused.  For instance, I take Cozaar, and when I started it, I couldn't remember what it was for; there are so many of them.  So I asked Alexa what it was, and the answer was a place in Africa(?) i forget now.  But when I asked for "drug information"  she came back with the answer, blood pressure medicine.  If I need it, I can specify Wikipedia, a powerful ability right there.  I haven't been able to use it for simple things like turning a light off and on, but I think the 2nd generation Echos can do that with a simple bluetooth (?) connection.  I got a smile when the home therapist said it was "creepy", after all, he voted for trump, so he must be a little off, don't you think?  Now I need to figure out what to do with hundreds of CDs, since I only have to specify the title and artist to listen to whatever I want.  Or for ambient noise of an ocean, waterfall, and so on.  I don't even have a CD player, outside of the computer (but not the MacBook Air, who doesn't have a drive).  It's all fun.

I have been reading on my Kindle, mainly the Dean Koontz Jane (?) hero books, of which there are currently 4.  She is an FBI agent who has stumbled onto a vast conspiracy to rework the minds of citizens that will make them automatons.  It is pretty different from his previous books, I just wish he could continue with the Christopher Snow books, at least one more to tie up loose ends.  Still, he did finish the Odd Thomas series, so maybe there is still a possibility.

OK, I've tidied up my own loose end so I will quit for now.  Thanks for reading this, I appreciate all of you. 
Loose ends.

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