Wednesday, July 25, 2018

4:30 am

It is early now, and I am not even drowsy so it is useless to go back to bed right now.  I thought I would try to get something done here to try to keep it from going weeks and weeks without an update, for all my steadfast readers.

My bedroom is a wreck now, but I can't do much about it until I can bid my walker goodbye, as it takes two hands to support myself, leaving me zero hands to carry my untidy bits to where they belong.  I will try to get C to help me, although he already does so much now, cooking, shopping, helping get things ready for washing and shampooing me, taking care of all the cats and the horse,  laundry, keeping me on-track with my meds, taking me every time to my therapy and doctor appointments, and on and on.  So I feel guilty asking for more.  My daughter does diddly, and will go for days without coming downstairs to see me, unless I phone her for a specific reason, like polishing my toenails.  She does work, but when she doesn't work she could give C a little assistance.

My macAir crashed and took the last half of this post.  Sorry!  I will try again later to re-do this, and Publish this incomplete version for now.

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