Friday, February 12, 2016

Winter moving into spring

Well. Old man winter has paid us another visit.  It is about 8 inches of snow as near as we can tell.  I hope this is the last of the snow, the state plows usually come through once maybe tomorrow.  I have been extra careful when I come and go in the Highlander.  Last year I fell and slid under the car which was running at the time and this winter I have practiced getting in and out.  I hate this toyota I didn't want it then and I sure do not want it now.  N asked if I liked it, there on lot.  I said "no"  and he went ahead and and bought it,  I have driven it once.  For 16 years I had my own car,  well, 3 Miatas:   a 1996, a 1999, and a 2002.  But once I retired the 2002 sat in the garage and any time I wanted to take it, the battery was dead.  Finally we sold it for a not-too-great amount, I couldn't stand to watch the guy drive away.  We still have the pickup truck, it probably gets driven about 7 times a year and it needs to be jumped every time too; why not trade it in instead of the Miata?

I've got to admit the Highlander goes better in the snow.  We can't drive a little bitty Miata,when the snow is higher than the car,  Not to mention it is rear wheel drive.

I watched the DVD for "Riddick" this afternoon which is pretty dated, but I liked it.  I couldn't get it to run on my computer (not a Blu Ray), It would play on the gigantic TV, but if a movie is gory, it is a lot easier to look away and turn the sound down when the screen is 7".  I know I am a wuss when it comes to decapitation, sharp machete and so on, but I just look away.  In the end I watched it on my little MacBook Air, now that I got a CD/DVD player for it.  One for Mac, 0 for PC.

We've been looking at the latest catalog for nursery plants.  How do they always arrive on a dreary snowy day?  So for we have narrowed a tree down to either a weeping cherry or one other whose name escapes me.  I will plant this in honor of Suzanne, who died last fall.  She always loved the blooms on everything,  When I was down in FL the last time, she showed me a night blooming cercus that only blooms at night with a fragrant bloom which dies in the morning. I miss her .

Bumper Sticker for the day:  "Honk if you love Jesus.  Text if you want to meet him."

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