Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaping lizards!

OK, I have tried to think about what to write here, and for now I am stuck (writer's block) so ah ha! I have figured out how to get my keyboard to sing, and that is to have this itty bitty post as a place holder.  Once I can come up with topics, anything, I will append it here.  I mean, how many times will I get to say "Happy New Leap Day."  I want to do something, write something, special.  Bye for now...

I went to see my new family doctor and and went over all the stuff in my file.  I am really
tired of having to dredge up the dates and who and what they were.  My memory wasn't very cooperative today and I felt like I needed remedial memory retrieve work.  But maybe getting my meds straightened out will point us in the right direction, I hope.  Meanwhile when my family asks me questions  I can say I don't remember.  Period..    Sometimes I remember the answer the next day, oh well. I resolve to beat myself up before going and writing details, and take it with me so I won't feel so scatter brained.  After all, I have 9 doctors, from B to W, And I don't see some of them more than once a year.) 


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