Saturday, October 27, 2012


I'd send a photo to show all the debris and the pile in the bedroom of all the rescued computer room stuff, but it is all so depressing.  When we arranged for the upstairs bathroom to be remodeled, I thought there would be a certain amount of dust and yucky stuff in here, because the drop ceiling gives access to the plumping upstairs.  But I never anticipated that there would be a massive leak all night long where a copper joint didn't quite seal.  I think I have the room dried out (fans, high speed) to hopefully leave no mildew producing residue, and tomorrow I will start with the vacuum.  My favorite activity.

Meanwhile back at the ranch.. N lost his consulting  job as the agency ran out of funds; the contract runs to April, but without money that scarcely matters.  At least we had considered (and rejected) the purchase of a new car to replace the Lincoln, so we aren't on the hook for car payments.  And the bathroom job had money set aside in advance, and boy am I glad of that.  Anyway, in the end the chaos will be forgotten and the lovely bath, gutted now, will be the result.  Now if only the printer is OK...

I slipped and fell again; isn't it funny, whenever you fall, how you look around to be sure no one saw you being a clumsy  nerd,  as if someone will point and say, "what a doofus".  Anyway, I am fine for once, now if I can keep my feet from arguing where we are going (" this way!  No, THIS way!") I should be OK.

Time to return to bed.  Hope Hurricane Sandy zips out to sea and spares the east coast. but meanwhile I am thinking of my Florida BFF (hello!) and sending good thoughts for the meantime.  Also hugs.

Bumper sticker of the day:  "Where's Robin Hood when we need him?"

P.S. Did you notice there is no political content here?  I already voted but the emails and the TV ads still haven't stopped...
update:  the vacuum broke!

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