Saturday, December 24, 2011

Same song, second verse

Next Wednesday I will have surgery to remove a hematoma/seroma from the area near the mastectomy scar. Outpatient, general anesthesia, quickly done. I am consciously preventing myself from thinking about it. Tomorrow is Christmas, and that is all I am focusing on for now. Once Christmas is over, I will work on getting the diet and exercise efforts underway. I won't dwell morbidly on the what-ifs and such. I won't.

Note to self: shave legs.

Did you ever hear the definition of "minor surgery"? It's surgery that happens to someone else.

The weather here has been so weird, hot/cold, clear skies/rainy and grey, even thunder. I still haven't blanketed the horses, because the blankets are thickly padded and I don't want them to swelter when the temperature goes up. As long as they are in the barn, they are warm without blankies, the barn keeps out the wind and traps the heat they produce. I am so glad we built this barn, the old one was so inadequate in cold weather. Now they have heated water buckets, hot water, airy stalls where they can see each other, and have that cozy feeling when we shut the big door. A nite light. Toys in the stalls. All the mod cons.

what the well-dressed equine is wearing this season...

Bumper sticker for the day: "It could be worse -- what if sex was fattening?"


SkippyMom said...

I am sorry you have this to worry about this so close to surgery. At least, dare I say, it will be outpatient and under general anth. so that's a light - but still scary. I know. I will be thinking of you [and hoping you shaved your legs. heehee - my big thing is I have to paint my toenails when I go in the hospital. I don't know why - but is a THING with me.]

Your horses sound so warm and cozy I was practically falling asleep imagining it. Think they'd want a roommate? :D

And if sex were fattening - I would happily weigh 300 lbs. giggle

I am wishing you a quiet and very Merry Christmas my friend. I hope you have a day as wonderful as you.

Hugs! Now go and ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

"to surgery" should read "to Christmas.

Proofreading is obviously not on my "To Do" list today. ::wink::

Dina Roberts said...

I hope your surgery goes well. I hope the worries about it didn't completely destroy your Christmas spirit.

I imagine it's hard not to be incredibly stressed and scared about these things.