Saturday, November 05, 2011

November 5th

My whole post! Disappeared and presumed dead. Rats.

Today is Guy Fawkes' day in Britain, a chance to do bonfires and fireworks, mainly. Sorta like our Fourth of July, only their holiday is for the defeat of a plot to assassinate King James I in 1605, so a little older than ours. Nothing like burning in effigy for a good cause.

The fall day here is glorious, and probably the last for the colors of the trees. I changed the wreath on the front door from the ghostly one to the fall one, and hung up the turkey windsock. Meanwhile C blew the dust out of my computer and then I vacuumed the computer room, whoohoo. Of course now I can hardly breathe from the dust stirred up! Oh and I folded all the laundry from yesterday, so I am really on a roll.

The neighbors across the road are really nice, the lady sends over homemade food (the last was a pumpkin pie, after the apple pie 2 weeks ago, and the broccoli cheese soup before that), and I have reciprocated with a loaf of pumpkin bread, but I am way behind in the exchanges and now I feel pressured to come up with another food to send over. Clearly she doesn't need dessert things; I am thinking about porcupine meatballs (which are made with ground beef and rice, which pokes out of the meatballs like on a porcupine). It's one of our favorites, and tastes better when reheated the next day. That should put me even I think.

(This is a web picture, mine aren't quite so photogenic.)

Time for lunch, I think I'll have pumpkin pie.

Thought for the day: "Never eat more than you can lift."

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SkippyMom said...

What nice neighbors you both are :)

I love, love, love meatballs. My husband makes the best! But I would be interested to try the porcupine ones. What do you sauce them with.

It is always nice to see you and to see you are feeling good. :) Have a great Saturday.