Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15th

New template!!! Woohoo! I bought the template ($20) and then installed it myself, including adding two new fonts for the header. I am so pleased. I haven't seen one like it, although it is "premade". I even got all the widgets in place again.

Today Raven, the black Newfy, had her 6 week checkup post surgery on her ACL at the vet. She walks with a decided limp, and her left foot toes under a lot, but at least she CAN walk. Bring her back in a month, and probably no restrictions by then. She really wants to get out of the stall (12 x 12, so it's not a little kennel) but for now only on leash for a few minutes at a time. Two days ago she spied another dog, and tried to stand on her hind legs at the fence to bark, but no good. She doesn't realize she can't jump and run anymore. She is 3 years old. The other Newfy is like an overgrown puppy, despite being 3 herself, and far too rambunctious. When she gets to tearing around, she knocks us right over if we aren't paying attention and brace ourselves.

We went out to dinner last Friday (we try to go every Friday, just to get away from the kitchen and cooking). We went to Ruby Tuesday, it's like TGI Fridays. I had an awful seafood platter, crab cake, shrimp and lobster. Sounds good, yes? But it wasn't. I hate that. N had a steak that was the rarest medium I've ever seen, basically it was warm meat, and it was sirloin not ribeye. Also, we got seated near the door, and I kept seeing people I know, which means being sociable when they walk past, and I like it better when we are more anonymous. So we won't be going back anytime soon.

This is one of the NaBloPoMo prompts for this month. It is, "When was the first time that you realized that your home was not like other people’s homes?" I always knew that our house in Miami was not like the ones we saw on TV. For one thing, it was made of cinder blocks; there was no carpet, only linoleum throughout, although the bathroom was tiled everywhere. It had no stairs, no garage (only a carport) and we had beautiful outdoor plants, like gardenia, alamanda, orchid tree, avocado tree. My aunt had a "Florida room" which was basically a big living doom at the rear of the house, with big windows that looked out at the yard. No pool. I remember being very concerned about how Santa was going to come in, since we had no fireplace. But he managed.

Time for a doctor appointment. I am now officially half way through the month of November, and have posted every day (so far). Yeah me!

Thought for the day: "Follow your dreams, except the one where you're at school in your underwear."


Dina Roberts said...

I like the tagline of your blog. Was it there with your old template? Maybe I just didn't notice it.

Sorry you had a bad time at Ruby Tuesday.

I hope your doctor appointment goes well.

Elizabeth said...

I like your template! I actually got mine at the same place but I've had it for awhile. I like the simple scrabook-esque styles. :)

I hate when you decide to Go Out and have a good time, and then everything is kinda meh. Its such a letdown. :p