Monday, October 13, 2008

One A.M.

I am so tired I can't sleep, because I ache like a sumbitch. Two nights ago, I took double Ambien before bed, just so I'd finally get a solid night of sleep. But I got up to use the bathroom, got dizzy and fell on my butt. This would have been merely embarrassing, but I fell on top of a large ceramic pot (like an old style chamber pot) and smashed it into smithereens. In addition, it contained clean kitty litter. I got shapnel in my butt too, and BIG bruises. It was a Christly mess to clean up. The cats were Thoroughly Entertained. Me, less so.

Yesterday I worked on cleaning out the computer room, most especially the desk that sits just inside the door, so handy for dumping whatever papers or receipts or whatever, until the desk disappears and everything is slithering to the floor. The computer itself resides on a "cockpit" desk (I don't why it is called this, when the user can scarcely be called a pilot) which is corner shaped, with the big desktop being a drawing-board sort of thing that tilts. We built it from a kit in this room, which was empty, and I know that it will never make it out of here except with the help of an axe. But the desk--it goes. I want a double doored metal cabinet for supplies, on wheels, but I had no idea they were so expensive (to me). $300 dollars and up! For $300 I could buy a lot of Banker boxes and store them on the floor, of course I wouldn't be able to find anything, that's not too different from now. Have to check out used office supply places. Meanwhile I'm campaigning to get the desk off to Goodwill before our possessions expand to once again occupy the space. It COULD happen. I do have a metal lateral file cabinet shoved under the stairs, but I think we'd have to demolish the stairs to get it out. Such are the perils of living 28 years in the same house.

Meanwhile N has been clearing everything out of his room in preparation for the removal of the most stinking carpet I have ever seen. I don't in god's name know how he could sleep in such a stench and NOT NOTICE. We had a cat, you see, who... well, you get my drift. They rip up the old stuff tomorrow, then put in hardwood flooring on Friday, giving us time to paint, most particularly, to paint the plywood subfloor with polyurethane to seal the stains, since they resist any attempt with any solvent except gasoline and matches to de-gag them. It should improve the air quality in the house immensely. There are also new shades and new curtains and bed linen, although one comforter will need to go to a commercial laundry to be washed. This weekend has been one wild and wonderful time, rest assured.

New Bumper sticker: My mind is like a steel trap. Rusty and illegal in 37 states.

And watch out for those pollsters, they hide behind every phone pole and leap out at the unwary. That's why the call them "POLEsters".

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