Sunday, February 28, 2016

When making out your tax return , it's better to give than to deceive.

You would think that after 12 or 15 years of doing the income taxes I would be able to whiz right through them.  But our elected representatives in their infinite wisdom have in a major way amended the tax laws again, boo hiss.  Sigh.  Too bad bitching doesn't burn calories.

The temp hereabout has slowly crept up, but my enjoyment of it is blunted because the stinkbugs have slowly crept up too.  Horrible icky bugs, which are at least slow and they like to climb the walls which makes them easy to see.  If only they didn't fly (poorly) we could leave them to the cats, who occasionally get one on the floor what great fun.  The smell doesn't seem to faze them.

When I grew up in Miami FL I had a horror of cockroaches.  Palmetto bugs some people call them, because if you peel back a layer of a coconut palm tree you will find a nest of them, too gross to even think about.  They can grow to several inches in length, and are also half of that in width, and are flyers.  At night I could hear if there were one in the bedroom, their legs making clicker sounds, and I had to get up right then turn on the lights and search it out.  When N and I shared a bedroom at Mom's house (after our marriage, I hasten to add) I shrieked when I saw one in our suitcase.  N said (a little condescendingly, I thought) "I'll take care of it".  And when he lifted the top piece of clothing, there it was.  He let out a shriek to match mine, jumped back and dropped the clothing back into the suitcase, and said "THAT'S a roach??!!"  And I split before it could get between me and the door, and let N take care of it.  I've never seen a roach here in WV in the house, and very few outside as well.  But just because you don't see them, doesn't mean they aren't there...

This blog post is not the interesting and cheerful one I like to think I mostly make.  I read an article in that lists suggested topics when the old brain stalls, and it was all either things I am not qualified to comment on (like,bragging on your beautiful granddaughter) or there are the ever-present  memes, the motivational ones that are less than "cool and empowering" and more like "condescending and trite" particularly the ones aimed at readers who are struggling with depression, etc.  So I will end this for today, wishing all of you an enjoyable day.

Bumpersticker for the day:  "Life is short.  Smile while you still have teeth."

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