Friday, December 26, 2014

Dec. 26 th

Well we're all still er, well, bloated from Christmas food and not up to tasting any gifted candy, dried fruit, cookies, not even the enticing veggie tray with dip, not for a while.  But my new sheepskin slippers feel great, yarn (scads of it) to knit with, pottery mug (daughter and I swapped bowls), DVDs of Maleficent, Frozen and best of all, Vin Diesel in Riddick, all of these will keep me busy for a while.

We kept the neighbors' gold lab puppy for Christmas day, while they went to their parent's house for the day.  They had it fixed with the other neighbor, but they changed their minds on the day of.  We were glad to keep him, he was warm and cuddly and interested in getting everything in his mouth.  He settled down after about an hour, and never made a mess in his crate, and went as soon as we took him to the yard.  The garage cats (where the crate was) were not amused, but allowed as how he couldn't get to them, and they do have the kitty door to exit if necessary.  But listening to him HOWL aroooo for a solid hour reinforced my dictum, NO more pets of any kind.  If only they came with a volume control.

I've been wandering around Amazon to see what I could get with my gift card, decisions, decisions.  I'll post it here when I decide.  Maybe a fountain pen.  I collect Parker Vacumatic pens of a certain style, but the price of them have gotten totally absurd.  So I just get mine out, fill them with ink and write for a while.  Did you know, pens are one of the very few collectables still used for their original purpose?  And my entire collection could fit in a shoe box if necessary.

I guess I'm glad porcelain chamber pots aren't used for their original purpose.  I saw on Antiques Road show a silver ewer, bowl, etc,. and a silver chamber pot.  The owner had used it for a punch bowl several times...

 Bumper sticker for the day:  "Be sincere whether you mean it or not."

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