Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dec. 24th

I am beat.  I have spent the day so far doing laundry, tidying up, getting the living room, dining room and bedroom put back together and the Christmas stuff sorted and packed up (wrapping stuff mostly).  Once the holiday is over and the tree is down, we will (shudder) go into the attic to store it all.  In the attic is stink bug heaven, and the nasty things give me the major creeps.  One landed on me yesterday and I screamed. UGH!!  They are an import from (where else?) China and the infestation began in Philadelphia, and is spreading like wildfire.  All you people in the south, count your blessings (for now) that they are not there.  Yet. They prefer warm weather.

I've got Christmas music playing softly in the living room, trying to get into the mood.  I don't think we will be having a white Christmas, it is too warm and rain showers are what is predicted for tomorrow.  Still, it is nice to have everyone home and sharing a good time together.  I hope all my gifts please the recipient, I really racked my brain to come up with ideas for them. 

The card for the day: 
inside is:  "May beautiful moments and happy memories surround you with joy this Holiday Season"

And the thought for the day:  "I deserve a bonus for making it through the week without stabbing someone with a fork."

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