Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec. 23rd

Ah, it feels good to sit down for a while!  The farrier came this morning to trim the horses' feet, and they were both all fidgety and wouldn't stand without lipping, chewing on the rope, and licking my coat (ewww).  But it is done, good for 8 more weeks.  I am showered and non-horsey smelling too.  Once I am done here, I will wrap the last three gifts, the ones I thought were already done.  Next year (oh, right) I will get a big plastic tub and put everything in it as they accumulate, and not have to root in the closets, boxes and shelves to find everything.  Then afterwards I can store yarn in it!

DH is off to the store to pick up the few things we overlooked when we bought all the stuff for Christmas dinner.  That should set us for the rest of the year (doesn't that sound great?) as far as groceries, other than the odd gallon of milk.  The only thing that would improve things would be if the grocery store would deliver.  There was a small store in town that used to do that, a great boon for the more elderly residents, but of course they went out of business.  Out here we can't even get pizza delivered. 

Here is today's Christmas card:
Inside:  Sending you good wishes for the Holiday Season and the coming year

And the thought for the day:  "A real friend is one who overlooks your broken down gate, and admires the flowers in your garden"

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