Friday, December 19, 2014

Dec. 19th

I got the Christmas cards mailed out (all 5 of them), after I wrote notes in all of them.  Then I wrapped all of DD and DS gifts, leaving only the ones for DH to still be wrapped.  I had a second thought about one of the gifts I was giving my husband, and re-directed it to our son.  So husband is going to come up one gift short, which he said is fine with him.

We had dinner out today, and it was disappointing.  We went to Applebees, and it was crammed.  We got seated quickly, and then waited and waited for the server, and then for the food.  I saw two diners send their food back.  I had fried shrimp; there isn't a lot you can do to ruin fried shrimp.  The cole slaw was dry and tasteless, and the french fries were cold.  We didn't linger, with all the people waiting for a table.  We won't be going back to Applebees for a while.

We went to the mall afterwards, my one and only trip this season.  The parking lot was crammed, but there weren't that many in the stores, a puzzle.  We also went to WallyWorld (Walmart) and it was crammed, but at least for a change there were enough checkout lines.  We needed milk and ribbons, nice to get them at the same place.  I noticed there were a lot of dead people singing Christmas carols, broadcast over the speakers, ding dong ding dong, Christmas bells are ringing.  At least they let the Sally Army guy sit inside to ring his bell for kettle donations.  It was 30 outside.  Here is today's Christmas card: 
Inside it says "Warmest greetings and good wishes at Christmastime"
Doesn't that look cozy? 

And today's bumper sticker:  "I'm not always sarcastic.  Sometimes I'm asleep."

And asleep is where I am headed for now...

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SkippyMom said...

Your cards are so great. I am so perplexed as to where our got off to - sending another.

But I had to say - that is the best bumper sticker yet. giggle SO ME. And Evie. [Wallene]