Saturday, November 29, 2014

BAH humbug

I am not doing well in the Christmas spirit realm so far.  All the Christmas promotion starting in Oct. have made me feel like I am way behind, instead of just a a little behind. (old joke: the butcher who backed into his meat grinder got a little behind in his work.) Anyway, I have gotten some gifts on line and some have already come, so I am not doing too badly.  If I could only think of what else I can get, shopping for it is then easy.  No one will tell me what they want, so they will get pot luck, which is not a bad thing really.

We have snow here, but not for long as it is well above freezing now and for tomorrow as well.  The snow blower is all primed to go on our new driveway, that will be a huge change.  Last year I had to put on snow boots just to get to the car; and then they were unnecessary once we got into town.  Such a nuisance.  The horses' blankets are ready for wearing, once the temps are consistently cold so they don't overheat.  The horses overheat, that is, not the blankets.  We are feeding Willie double rations because he has a little too much rib showing right now.  He is a cribber, and it is hard to keep one in good flesh, they mess up their digestive system with all that air they swallow.  If you don't have horses, just skip the above, it is too complicated to explain here.  Or I am too lazy, take your pick.

The new med that the doctor gave me for my knee pain seems to be working pretty well, combined with tylenol.  I hope that it continues to be bearable for the foreseeable future and that knee replacement surgery is not needed for a good long while.  I am due for another cortisone shot in a week or so, that will help a lot too.  I am SLLLowly losing weight, I rejoined Weight Watchers online, and that is a help.  Still it will be needed for at least a year, how did I get so heavy?  I know, I know -- eating.  There is so much yummy food out there, you can turn down 95% of what is on offer and still gain weight on the remaining 5%.  Just ask me.

This is turning into a jumble of topics, none of them especially interesting, so I'll give up for now.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "For the price of a one-year gym membership I can replace my entire wardrobe with larger clothes."

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