Monday, August 04, 2014

Summer is sliding away...

Here it is August already, what happened to the summer?  We haven't missed the pool, it has been such a mild summer here (West Virginia) that the water would have been a nippy 70 degrees.  And yet the southwest is burning up, between the weather and the fires.  We had a pile of old lumber and a bunch of tree limbs to get rid of, so we burned them, along with an old stump of a huge ash tree.  The fire burned for 4 days, smoldering in the stump, until everything was ash.  This with rain every day, hard rain.  It gave me an appreciation of how hard it is to declare a forest fire as "contained"  because they smolder and burn under what looks like cold ashes, for days.  

Thinking seriously about knee replacement surgery.  The cortisone shots only help so far, and then climbing/descending  stairs becomes a misery.  Oh for a one level house.  We have been in this one for 34 years, and I can't even imagine what moving would entail.  Just the attic alone gives me the blues, full of old junk, books, furniture, lots of stuff.  We would have to rent a dumpster first thing.  

My son got a smart phone this weekend, it is so entertaining.  I'd get one myself if I could think of anything I needed it for.  As it is, my dumb phone sits idle for weeks at a time, and is always needing to be charged when I finally turn it on.  It seems to me that batteries should hold their charge if the device is off, but this one has been like this since it was new.  It is a Motorola Razor, just the thing in its day.  It has a camera and no apps at all.  I don't think I could even receive texts or web pages.  And I have never figured how to get the photos on the phone off of it, to the Mac.  Again, not any need for that.  I carry a tiny tiny little camera which is ever so adaptable for all sorts of photos, and has a huge capacity with a flash card, and of course they can be switched out as needed.  It is a Nikon, no less.  It was a mother's day gift 2 years ago.

My attempts at machine knitting have hit a snag since my knee is paining me so much, it hurts to sit in a simple chair for more than an hour.  I messed up the project I was attempting and ripped the whole thing off to try again later.  Maybe I will try a different chair.  Meanwhile my resolve to not buy any more yarn has recently taken a hit, but only the once.  Or twice.  I love yarn, it does not need to be knitted for me to appreciate it.  The last batch had an alpaca blend in it, sheer luxury to handle.  I don't feel I am a good enough knitter to buy any of the hideously expensive yarns, or at least only to buy a single skein.

Back when the internet was mainly the place to find web camera sites that streamed continually over a broad band for speed, I had several that I visited regularly.  One of them was in Ft. Lauderdale (where my parents lived at that time), and it showed a big picture window with bird feeders outside, and house cats on a perch inside.  Not a very thrilling site, but it showed me how the weather was for my folks, and a sort of zen-like peacefulness to watch.  I don't think there are many private sites now, only those maintained by cities or big business.  I thought of all this because of my toothbrush, but this post is long enough now and I won't explain this connection until next time...

Bumper sticker for the day:  "Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes."


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