Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let's assume I'm right, It will save time.

My son showed me our house on Google street view yesterday, and WOW wasn't that a eye opener. Our horses were plain to see, and we could also see our neighbor getting into his truck.  I know it must have been a Tuesday, because the trash can is empty and at the curb, and the survey states it was done in Sept. 2013.  I wanted to post a photo here, but it includes my address, which I really don't need to share with the entire internet.

I am not a happy camper this morning.  Our next door neighbor recently cut down 3 trees (that were dead or near dead) along the property  line.  Today he cut down a live tree;  all the trees were on our property.  Husband and son went out to stop him, but too late.  We showed him the property markers,  you can sight along them and see that the trees are on our side.  Several of them are Colorado Blue Spruce, which if you know trees you know how very slow growing they are; we planted them 35 years ago.  He said they interfered with his mowing (??).  He said he would pay for them, but that won't bring the trees back, will it?  Jerk. I am not happy.

The clinic last night discussing knee replacement surgery has had one effect on me; I am not going to have mine replaced any time soon.  The cortisone shot has worked its usual magic and I can walk normally again.  It should be better for at least a month.  My main difficulty is stairs, and according to what I heard last night, that is problematical with the artificial knee as well.  So forget it.  If I start dragging my leg behind me I'll consider it again.  The doctor was very nice, he is a partner with my ortho, but I don't want to have my ortho do the surgery anyway, as he is in the midst of retiring soon.  Along with all my other doctors and therapist.

I am in too bad of a mood, so I will cheer myself up with some knitting.

Bumper sticker for the day:  "Retired.  One owner.  High mileage.  Needs body work."


Dina said...

I don't blame you for being mad and upset about the trees.

I'd be really mad too.

Sorry about your knee : (

SkippyMom said...

oooooooh I would be so mad. It interfered with his mowing? Tough beans. What a self entitled jerk.

Before he "pays" for the trees I suggest you research what a tree of that age costs to replace. I worked for a company that planted older trees [think upwards of 15 - 20 ft] because clients wanted mature landscaping. Um, some of their invoices ran into the 10s of thousands. Those trees are worth a helluva lot more than he thinks. Not that I think the tool will pay fair market value.

Sorry about the knee and your doctors retiring. I haven't had that happen, but if my PCP was to retire [thank goodness he is younger than me] I would simply throw in the towel. NO ONE takes care of me like him. And I know the pain is debilitating, but try and take it easy? Doesn't do much - and I wish I had a joke or something - but I am fresh out today. :)

Oh wait - you might like this one.

"What is it called when Batman misses church on Sunday?"

Answer: Christian Bale.

giggle I hope you know the actor. Made me laugh.