Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Evil EBay Addiction

Well, first I need to explain that I began EBaying in 1997, back when I still had to explain how it worked, and the response would invariably be "What, you send them money and THEN they send your stuff??!!" But as we all know, for the most part it does work. Or maybe I've been lucky, or naive, or too cheap to spend much over $45 for anything. Anyway, even after all this time I am constantly amazed at what you can find for so little effort.

As an example, I wanted a copy of the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, you know, the three ring binder one with the red and white checked cover? But not just any version, I want the one I have, tattered, spotted, missing pages and broken spine. I check ebay and there it is, apparently unused, sitting on someone's shelf all these years (1972). Naturally I was high bidder, and it arrived Friday. I'm having the pages with my favorite recipes laminated and punched, they'll be easy to find and won't tatter so that tsp looks like Tbsp. My version looks so-- so-- abused in comparison.

But it is all getting out of hand now. I bought a wind up chiming wall clock, and then spent $85 (so far) and it still won't run, just sits there dinging sullenly on the hour-- but which hour? It needs rehab.

I bought a lovely winter jacket, even though I have 5, not counting the mink, which we won't if I have any say and I do. It was so lovely, and so cheap! Who could resist?

I bought cartridges for my fountain pens; three silk blouses; one pair of Tencel pants so the blouses would match something; a set of king size sheets; two other shirts, a loony tunes mug for N after he left his on the car roof; an embroidered jean jacket, a suede jacket, underwear, oh the list goes on and on. All the above is just for Oct.

So the only way to control myself is to NOT LOOK. Well, I do need to do feedback, but that's IT.

Though I've heard Ruby Lane has a good bit in the way of antiques....

Bumper sticker: "I bet Jesus would use His turn signals!"

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