Thursday, October 02, 2008

Doing better, touch wood

My psych. dr. started me on Abilify last week, and by gum, it really seems to make me feel cheerful. Only one crying spell, talking to my manicurist (or as I call her, my second therapist). I have been going to the same lady for, oh, I don't know, 20 years? We know each other well. She is having a pretty tough time financially, fewer people do an every-two-week, it is a luxury, and her daughter and grandchild live with her. She's had to take a second job, she works as a private duty caregiver for two elderly women. I know for damn certain I couldn't do it.

Also, I went yesterday to the neurologist the G.P. referred to me, and I think I've come up a winner in this too. He told me much more about my migraines, and that the med I was taking (MaxAlt) to try and kill them at the beginning of an attack wasn't being taken as I should, they should work better now. He emphatically told me he would not give me any new 'scripts for new treatments, as I am taking too many for too many conditions as it is. He did give me a cortisone shot on my left neck for my neck spasms, which he said are directly related to the migraines, and a short (10 day) course of prednisone to hopefully stop the "rebound" headaches that lay me out in bed with a dark hot mask, no noise, no bad smells, no food, for hours. He said the sensation of an "ice pick" pain is very common in migraine sufferers, showed me a description in a med textbook that I could have written--who knew? I thought I had a brain tumor! Anyway, if any of you out there are migraine-ous, I'd see about checking with a neurologist.

And finally, we adopted two pound kittens on Tuesday, we call them Mellow (siamese) and Monet (long hair black or chocolate kitten), both females already spayed. They are supposedly 12 and 9 weeks respectively, but I'll eat the kitty chow myself if Monet is over 5-6 weeks. She is half the size of Mellow, and not too good with the litter box yet. Peed twice on my bed (sob). Confined both in the bathroom last night, and since Mellow uses the box consistently, we're hoping the little one will learn what her mama didn't have time to teach her. Photos soon.

We didn't "need" these kittens since we already have 4 house cats, but two of them are very old (not sure exactly as they were strays we took in) and the other two are getting up there age-wise, so these new ones should infuse a little playfulness and variety. Once they finish hissing and running away, that is.

That's the news (such as it is) from here.

New bumper sticker--
Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?

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