Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I won!

Well, it isn't like the competition was tough.  I won out of 50+ entries.  I follow DenkaiDesigns on Facebook, a fellow cross-stitcher in Hull, U.K. and she had a giveaway back in April, all you had to do was a leave a comment and a brief note about birthdays to enter.  So at the end of June's video, she used a random number generator to select a winner, and it was me!  The giveaway is a piece of cross-stitch fabric, hand-dyed, and I am thrilled to win anything.  I nearly fell off my chair when I heard my name.  Now I can't say, "I never win anything" because I did!  Do you think I should buy a lottery ticket?

I had my first session with the out-patient therapy place (hereafter known as Torture Headquarters or TH) and had to take pain meds as soon as I got home.  Joking aside, they are very organized and thorough and I am clearly out of shape, even doing my exercises every day.  Tomorrow is session two.  Pain med ahead of the session rather than after.  They have all sorts of equipment and keep me moving along in a logical way for my weak areas.  God, I hope I will be able to get rid of the walker eventually.  There are so many things I want to do; for example, I wanted the charging cord for my little Nikon and it was behind the bed and I have trouble getting in there when I have two good legs, much less one.  The therapists were amazed by the noise my "good" knee makes when I stand up, but it doesn't hurt (much) and that is why I chose the other knee for surgery.  I will never get the left knee done, not after the disaster the right knee has given me.   Eventually, the charging cord surfaced and the camera has a tiny light showing it is electrified. I hope.  I have never had it completely shut down, I hope it will be OK.  It has been idle for more than a year.

I can't figure out how to make the last post (down below this one) a sticky note that is always on the top.  Then as I work on it, it will be updated and not repeated.  It can't be too hard.

bye for now...

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