Thursday, May 04, 2017


I was correct about losing our old Newfoundland dog.  She was not interested in breakfast this morning and when my son went out to check on her at noon, she was gone.  We found someone to take her for burial (easier than it was to get someone to handle Willie, my horse, last year) and I didn't go to the barn, I want to remember her as when she looked beautiful.  She was, as I mentioned earlier, missing her Landseer buddy Maggie, and was withdrawn and sad, if you can attribute sadness to a dog.   They had been together since we brought them home a few months apart.  It is strange to have no dogs.  Soon it will be no horses, she is 24 I think.  I hope to god she just lies down and dies, and not be in horrible pain from a torsion when she colics.  There isn't a lot that we can do, the barn isn't on closed circuit TV,  and we can't camp out there for months.  I hate this.  We still have 4 indoor cats and 2 - 3 outdoor ones, and one of the outdoor ones is in her teens, and one of the indoor ones is 10.

From younger days.

No cartoon for today.

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